October 14, 2022

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Version 5.23.0 is coming up, and the 5.23 update will fall around the same time as the end of our first Master Tier season of clan raids. A large part of our raid features and raid balance work will be happening inbetween Master Tier seasons, and today we’ll be seeing some of the new features being added for Season 2 of Master Tier. Let’s get into it!

To start off with, we are taking a look at Cursed Armor that’s available in Tier 4, Master Tier, and some special Solo Raid worlds. Cursed Armor currently will lower either Affliction Damage or Burst Damage when the curses are active, and breaking the Cursed Armor will remove the curse. We are working this system in the 5.23 update to allow us to add additional Cursed Armor types, and will be launching Season 2 of Master Tier with a new Cursed Armor debuff. Now in addition to Affliction Damage and Burst Damage curses, you will also face new titans with Body Damage curses. This means that you can use whatever cards you want to break the Cursed Armor without penalty, but trying to avoid the cursed armor will be very difficult!

We will be introducing some new Raid Cards to help face off against these new powerful titans. Each new card is intended to fill a niche of gameplay that isn’t currently being filled clearly by other cards, while also taking aspects that players enjoy from cards that already exist. Our first card is Celestial Static, a Tier 2 Burst card. Celestial Static generates charge each time you tap on a Body part, and then swiping on an Armor part will expend the charge to deal bursts of damage. Since each tap on a Body part is guaranteed to add a charge, and each tap on an Armor part will create a burst of damage if you have sufficient charge, this makes Celestial Static incredibly consistent for players who are skilled enough to manage their charge.

The second card we’re introducing is Mirror Force, a Tier 1 Burst card. Mirror Force is a universal Burst card that deals damage to any part or layer effectively. However, it will increase in power based on the number of players who have used Mirror Force in your last Clan Raid attack cycle, up to a maximum amount of boost. This means that if you work together as a team and all use Mirror Force, then everyone will receive a large boost of damage for their next attacks with Mirror Force.

I hope everyone is excited for these new raid features! Next week we’ll be discussing other changes coming in the 5.23.0 update, including a powerful way to gain damage while prestiging.

Happy Tapping!


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