TT2 DevLog #4: Notes on 1.4.0 ⚔

May 12, 2017

Originally posted on the official Tap Titans 2 subreddit.

With the latest update (1.4.0/1.4.1) came a couple of much-anticipated new features, further optimization and bug fixes. Since the update and the response for DevLog #3, we’ve also experienced a lot of constructive feedback that has really been taken into consideration. Whether it’s a thread, a reply, a tweet or a discord message, we’ve read them and take your words into account for where Tap Titans 2 will go!

Firstly, we apologize for the unexpected server maintenance that we underwent with the launch of update 1.4.0. This may have disrupted many players’ experiences and, in the future, assure you that we will announce any expected game disruptions a few days beforehand through the in-game Announcements Panel. We will give you a clear heads up before something like this happens, if it is something we scheduled and anticipated.

  • Here’s a quick recap of what was implemented in 1.4.0: Stage Transition Optimization / New Tournament Prizes / New Clan Masters. Read the past DevLog for more details. We’re happy to hear that this has improved your titan-squashing experience!

Additionally, after the update a quick patch was pushed out to address some bugs that we noticed. Details on 1.4.1 which included the Multi-Fairy and Silent March fixes.

During the past couple weeks, we’ve also worked with the moderators (of the subreddit thread) to conduct our very first Question & Answer series! Questions were chosen based on the highest number of upvotes, and we also took into consideration any common and shared questions with similar topics/concerns.

A lot of the questions surrounding Silent March, Intimidating Presence, Skill Tree balancing, Tournaments (post-stage cap), and more, were addressed. If you want your question answered next time around, please be on the lookout for the question thread that will be posted on the first Monday of June (and get the upvotes in!!).

BUT ALSO… during the past week or so, we wanted to clarify two questions that have been asked after the 1.4 update:

A. Where’s the 4K?

Further review was required after initial testing, and so the release date for the 4K has been postponed. We want to ensure that this first expansion would not cause any game imbalances – with increasing the cap, we must take into consideration effects on skills, gold accumulation, tournament brackets, hero upgrades…etc. With this first 500 stage expansion, we are also reviewing and closely looking at how this will fit into our long-term plan for expansion into the four/five/six… thousand stages.

When first announcing this we thought it would be ready earlier (i.e. around now!), but with further review and testing, needed to step back as there were more factors that we had to take into consideration. These factors largely include balancing for the long-term. While planning for an even larger expansion, there were more elements of the game we had to take into serious consideration.

That being said, whether you feel that we announced this pre-maturely or not, we apologize if you felt that this was either misleading or you were kept in the dark. This was definitely not our intention, and we did not want to make any announcements before we were sure of what the next step would be. But based on the response over the past couple weeks, we assure you that, moving forward, we will make more efforts in communicating more thoroughly, concisely and frequently.

We want to make sure the >4000 expansion is done right, and really appreciate your patience and excitement about it. So when can we expect the 4K stage cap now? It is currently scheduled to be live with update 1.5.0, which is still a couple weeks away. Should this change at all (whether it be rolled out earlier or later), the TT2 reddit community will be one of the first to know.

B. What are Titan Points?

The new Titan Points are an indicator of your tournament participation, and how well you performed in them – the better your rank, the more the points!

The next couple features and changes are just around the corner! Update 1.4.2 has been submitted to the Google Play Store and App Store, and will be going live when it’s all good to go next week.

WHAT’S IN 1.4.2

Daily Achievement Re-Balancing

Moving forward, in anticipation for game expansion, we are introducing game-balance tweaks on different areas of the game. The first thing we are looking at is the Daily Achievement. Ideally all the other future changes should take a similar amount of effort in the changes made. We find that the daily Clan Quest and Active Skill Cast achievements were too difficult to accomplish, whereas the daily Pet attack requirement was too easy. We will continue to monitor the percentage and rate of completion, so we can plan ahead for future achievement balancing.

Display Update

When rewarded equipment, you will now see the equipment level of what you are receiving as well!

Bug Fixes

Swapped the hero skills for Damon of the Darkness and Finn the Funny Guard.

  • The upgrades for Damon and Finn have been switched to their proper hero.

Clan Quest Crashing

  • There were several reports for game crashing during Clan Quests with the latest game update. We have been investigating this and have identified the bug. If you continue to experience crashing during Clan Quests, please contact support through the options panel in your game.




  • We have been informed that some players who finished the tournament at MS 3500 have not received their rank 1 rewards. We have been actively looking into this – if you experience this in this upcoming weekend tournament, please contact in-game support with more details. More information will help us with our investigation!

Boss Fights

  • There were some reports since version 1.3.2 that players have to manually tap on, “Fight Boss.” We are still investigating this bug – if you have any details or are currently experiencing this, please let us know (i.e. in-game support).

EDIT: Mama Fairy Bug

  • The Mama Fairy is going to be around a lot more often! We’ve heard that our larger fairy has rarely appeared and this is not intentional. We’re refiguring the formula for the Mama Fairy, so you can look forward to seeing her and her loot more often very soon!

Future Features

We’re happy to hear that the new Masters have been able to assist in bringing many clans back to life! Building upon this clan optimization, we are also looking into adding in a feature where clan members will be able to see which clan member kicked another. We hope that this will help clan Grand Masters and Masters better manage their executive team!

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