TT2 DevLog #5: 4000 Stage Cap Increase ⚔

May 26, 2017

Originally posted on the official Tap Titans 2 subreddit.

Hear ye, hear ye! The long-awaited stage cap increase has arrived.

Update your game to the latest version – 1.5.0 – to get the most out of your tap-venture! The maximum stage cap has now been increased to 4000. With the new MS, the tournament stage rankings have been changed to the following:

  • 1-310
  • 311-500
  • 501-1000
  • 1001-1800
  • 1801-3000
  • 3001-3999
  • 4000

As stated in the previous DevLog, we have started actively balancing the game in anticipation for further game expansion. The goal of this is to keep all aspects of the game exciting and playable, so that players aren’t forced to accept only one optimal play-style as they progress through the game.

In update 1.5.0, we took a look at the viability of relying on either Chesterson or the stage bosses as a source player gold income. Since we found that the boss gold was pretty much dwarfing Chesterson’s gold (especially during Hand of Midas), some tweaks were made to put these two main gold sources on a much more even playing field. Moreover, we have also given fairy gold a slight boost, and have greatly increased perk gold from both Make it Rain and Clan Crates. We will be monitoring the impact of these changes over the next few weeks to determine whether or not further balancing of each of these gold sources is needed.

The details – as in the patch notes – are as follows:

  • Fairy gold drop amounts increased and now have a chance to drop 10x gold.
  • Make it Rain and Clan Crate gold have been greatly increased.
  • Hand of Midas bonus pot gold for Chesterson increased by 200%.
  • Hand of Midas bonus pot gold for bosses decreased by 30%.
  • Base Chesterson gold increased by 50%.

The Titan HP aura has also been phased out from the possible equipment drop pool, as we found that there were numbers that didn’t work with the overall long-term gameplay/plans for expansion. Additionally, the Critical Chance auras already out-perform the Titan HP auras at every stage of the game, so it made sense to remove this item from future gameplay, rather than to try and make it work in the existing structure. Note that we do have plans to replace this aura with a new, more beneficial aura type in the future. In the meantime, we’ve increased the max critical chance cap to 60% and, as previously mentioned, greatly enhanced Chesterson gold so that each of these respective boosts will be more viable as we work to determine a new aura type!

Additionally, another change you may have noticed was with hero weapons! A visual bug with the hero weapon setswas fixed in 1.5.0, and we just wanted to clarify any confusion that may have come from the update. In your hero weapons panel, you may have found a change in the numbers for the bonuses from hero weapon sets. Prior to the update, the bonus from the hero weapon set was also being visually factored into the All-Damage bonus (so an inaccurate number was appearing on the hero weapons panel). This was a UI display error, that did not correctly display your All-Damage bonus, or your hero weapon bonuses. So if you did notice that an odd reduction in your All-Damage bonus numbers, please note that the was a corrected visual change – the net damage per second of your heroes was not changed in the update.

Other Small Fixes in 1.5.0 included:

  • The empty lorebook after downloading progress
  • A visual bug with LiL’ Ursa when using Heroic Might enhancement
  • The Mama Fairy! You may have seen a different fairy floating around more often with some sweet loot. We were informed of a bug that was blocking her from entering the battlefield… but that’s all clear now and she’ll be showing up more often to help you tap out some titans!

Lastly with 1.5.0…

We’ve been advised with the latest update, some players have been flagged for cheating. We have revised our cheater detection system earlier in the week to fix this. If you downloaded the update when it first released (Tuesday, May 23rd), and your game was flagged this day, please fill out a support ticket outlining the issue and include your account’s in-game support code.


We just released update 1.5.0, but keep your eyes open and fingers ready for 1.6.0! We are currently in the midst of testing but will be scheduling its release ASAP. 1.6.0 will address bug fixes that were noted here on reddit, and some new features with the mystery chest!

Power of Swipe Buffs

Exciting news! You will be able to use the Power of Swipe ability in your Clan Quest against the Titan Lord. With the next update, the Power of Swipe will be reaching its maximum capability (20 taps per second), as we found that it is currently not working at its fullest potential.

Mystery Chests and Tokens

The bear shop will be stocking up on a new item – the Mystery Chest! The Mystery Chests will be available for purchase at the bear shop instead of the daily rewards. Please note that the tokens will still however be collected through your daily rewards, and you will still be redeeming Mystery Chests with these tokens.

Bug Fixes in 1.6.0

Hero Weapons

  • If you are importing your game save / downloading progress, your weapon descriptions in your hero weapons panel will be displayed as normal if you acquired the weapon already. With the current update, the weapon displays as, “unknown,” and so this will be changed. Furthermore, once you acquire these weapon upgrades, your heroes’ skills will also be free in your heroes panel.

Player Profile Visual Error

  • The bug with an inaccurate display of “last played time” in the player profile panel will be fixed.


Prestige Panel – Skill Points

  • The prestige panel is currently not displaying the accurate skill points to be received at each new prestige. The current panel shows that you will receive skill points at every prestige, and inaccurately displays when you will receive the next skill point(s). Skill points are still only rewarded when prestiging to a new max. stage (at every 50 new stages). This is currently a display bug that we are working on resolving as soon as possible.

Relics – Achievements Panel

  • The achievements panel incorrectly displays completed, although all relics have not been collected. We will be fixing this!

Tournament Reward Errors

  • Some players have not been receiving rewards for their proper rankings. We are investigating this, as well as the reward collection errors that some players have been experiencing.


Just a reminder that the June Question and Answer is coming up! The questions thread will be posted on Monday, June 5, so keep your eyes open and questions ready.

Here’s how the monthly Q&As will work:

  • Either the subreddit moderators or a GH dev. will create a thread on the first Monday of every month, where you can ask your question. At the end of the week, a new thread will be created with the answers from the dev. team
  • We anticipate that there will be many questions and want to get to all of them! To ensure that the most frequently asked and pressing questions from the overall player-base are addressed, please upvote the questions you want answered asap. The top 5-10 questions will be answered in Friday’s thread.

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