TT2 DevLog #6: Update and June Q&A ⚔

June 9, 2017

Originally posted on the official Tap Titans 2 subreddit.

Today’s post is an update DevLog AND June’s Q&A response thread… a two-in-one!

As you may or may not have seen in the in-game announcement, update 1.6.0 is coming up soon with exciting new updates in the bear shop, buffs and chest rewards as well as some helpful bug fixes.

1.6.0 patch notes (with some more details here) are as follows:

The Power of Swipe!

  • …will now work in Clan Quests & will be operating at its maximum capability (20 taps / second), as we previously found that it was previously not working at its fullest potential.

Bear Shop Updates!

  • The Mystery Chests will be transferred over to the bear shop, instead of your daily rewards panel. Tokens to unlock these chests will still be collected in your daily reward.
  • As you reach higher stages in the game, you will receive better (more desirable!) prizes in the Wooden, Silver and Titan chests. The friendly bear will be offering a brand new special bundle!

Display Bug Fixes:

  • When importing your game save, your hero weapon upgrades will display normally and be already in your inventory (if previously acquired)
  • Accurately show your “last played time” in your player profile panel

1.6.0 will be live next week! The update has been submitted and is currently under review by the App and Play stores.

Bugs at large that we are aware of:

Tournament Errors

If you experience problems with joining new tournaments because you cannot collect your rewards, please ensure that you have enough room in your equipment inventory, as this may be the reason you are experiencing the errors. The max number of items you can hold is 40 – so if you are experiencing any issues with accessing tournaments, this may be the reason why!

Skill Points

There is a display issue with the current prestige panel, where it shows that you will receive skill points at each & every prestige, and inaccurately shows the stage when you will be receiving your next skill point(s). Please note: Skill points are only rewarded when you prestige to a new maximum stage (per the new 50 stages reached – i.e. 50, 100, 150…). This will be resolved ASAP!

Various Display & Audio Bugs

  • Hero Weapon Upgrades display panel fixes (Finn and Zolom).
  • Prestige panel display fixes.
  • Clan announcements being deleted too soon.
  • Background sound being decreased when running the game.


  • Buggy behaviour with Flash Zip and Lightning Burst.


  • The ordering of the final three heroes changes after reloading the game.
  • Melee heroes sometimes not dealing damage after War Cry.
  • Clan-mate helpers not contributing damage during clan quests.

Perks & Skills

  • Make it Rain showing 0 gold after importing progress.
  • Make it Rain giving small gold amounts to some players.
  • The RNG for multiple perk rewards not working correctly.
  • Silent March sometimes doesn’t activate.
  • Crashing issues due to Hand of Midas use.
  • Buy max not always rounding correctly.

We’ve also found that many of the questions asked in our June Question thread were about our future plans for TT2 (especially in regards to game balancing, future expansion, and general ideas that we’ve been working on implementing). Therefore, due to the nature of these questions (& since the DevLog and June Q&A dates just so happen to fall on the same day) we decided to make this megathread, two-in-one update! Here are the answers to the top questions asked in the question thread earlier this week…


Any info on SM use after tournament run? The run would be 100% active push, this would prevent the cheater issue, correct? Can you change the retire button to a ‘finalize button’ that locks your MS reached, then you leave the tournament, lose any buffs from the tournament, but you can then go back to farming with SM? Then when the tournament is over you get the appropriate rewards based off of your finalized stage.

We have considered making the exact changes proposed here, but we concluded that, while it would improve the current situation, it wouldn’t be the best way to handle Silent March during tournaments due to the additional complications this particular change would bring. This is definitely not to say that we have not and are actively not considering changing this. We are working on allowing for Silent March functionality during tournaments to some extent, as this is one of the top skills we are refining for future gameplay.

Is there a reason splash is limited to X4? I think that’s what makes Intimidating Presence such an obviously overshadowing skill. Seems like you could add another skill to add additional splash capability.

While the default splashing behavior will remain unchanged for most attacks, we are reworking several skills by the 4k+ update to incorporate higher maximum splash kills, which will be able to splash through onto the bosses as well.

During the last Q&A, you guys mentioned potentially changing Intimidating Presence. Do the people at GH have any ideas about what the potential changes are, or has it not been looked at?

We’ll be making changes to Intimidating Presence in the 4k+ release so that players have more freedom in choosing different viable skill tree builds. We’ll release more details after we’ve thoroughly tested and balanced the changes we’re considering. In addition, please note that we will be updating this display, writing clear descriptions for each skill when we rebalance the skill tree in the 4k+ release.

Is anything being done about the very high battery consumption, even with power saving mode on?

Sometimes the battery consumption issues are harder to diagnose if they are caused by bugs and not the addition of new features — but yes, keeping the game running efficiently is an ongoing process for us!

Being a part of the “No Book of Shadows” club, is there anything in the works to ease the pain of not having such an important artifact?

This is a delicate issue because we don’t want to disrupt gameplay for players who already have Book of Shadows. This is not to say that this isn’t something we are skimming over and not thinking about! We also would like to improve the situation for our players who have not received this artifact yet, and are discussing the best solution for this issue.

Any plans to increase the setting for required stage to join a clan?

Yes! We will be adding stage 3000 as another required stage option in a future release. Keep up-to-date through the DevLogs to know when you can expect updates for features such as these.

Are there any plans to update the daily login rewards? I think a good system would be to have daily reward brackets like the tournament brackets. The tournament brackets work pretty well, so it should work just as well with daily rewards.

There will actually be an update to the daily rewards (after 1.6.0). In this update, players who have already completed two weeks of daily rewards will start again in the second week on rewards, instead of the first. Additionally, we will be replacing the gold reward in the second week with a hero weapon upgrade!

What do you guys have in store for us for the next few weeks, knowing that more content would be added in months?

In the coming weeks we’ll be continuing to improve the balance situation of the game in preparation of the 4k+ release, as well as fixing several bugs that have been lingering around for a while. Moreover, we are also working on improving some of the weaker active skills, such as Heavenly Strike. Otherwise, there are no planned additions for heroes or pets even with the 4k+ release, but there is the potential for a couple new artifact additions down the road.

We’ve noted that there were some questions in regards to new heroes and updates on the current ones. There are no plans to add new heroes to the game, since the screen is already pretty filled up with the current 37. We may potentially tweak the purchase costs of heroes in the 4k+ release, if the changes improve the overall balance of the game, but this is not something we’ve deeply considered yet.

Can we get a hint as to what will be replacing the Titan HP aura equip?

Nothing is finalized yet, but probably some other +% chance type of bonus, so that it is consistent with the existing +Critical Chance and +Chesterson Chance aura bonuses.

Has there been any talk or plans on releasing a World 2 with the Spell master?

There are currently no talks of creating a new Spell Master world.

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