TT2 DevLog #7: Special Bundles ⚔

June 30, 2017

Originally published in the official Tap Titans 2 subreddit.

Have you purchased one of the new items in the shop yet?

Whether you’ve opened up a mystery chest with your precious tokens or purchased one of the new special bundles, we hope you’ve been able to take full advantage of all that the friendly bear has to offer!

If you’re just catching up and don’t know what these new items are all about, we highly recommend you visit the bear shop asap! In update 1.6.0, we implemented several bug fixes as well as skill optimization, which you can review in more details on our previous devlog.

Unfortunately there were a couple of unexpected bugs that also came with the shop update, which were resolved as quickly as possible. To clarify, these bugs included:

New Special Bundles

At initial release, there was a visual display bug with the number of diamonds to be received in the special bundle, which made it appear as though you received – and then lost – some diamonds. The display bug showed that you received double the number of diamonds you were supposed to get from the bundle. The extra diamonds were then “gone” after resyncing your game (e.g. when you force-close and reopen the app).

Mystery Chests

There was also a visual bug with the mystery chests in which the wrong chest was shown, different from what you actually received: if you got a wooden chest, the animation would mistakenly show a silver chest; if you received a silver chest, the animation would show a titan chest. We are very sorry for the confusion this may have stirred – We’ve received word that the hard-working bear reorganized his inventory shortly after this incident, and has confirmed that his shop is now all ready for business as usual!


Aside from these quick fixes that we implemented, these following bugs have also been resolved:


  • Conflict error pop-ups: If you get an error message when trying to collect your rewards, please double check that you have enough space in your equipment inventory. The max number of items you can have is 40.
  • Incorrect Ranking / Prizes: There have been reports that late-game players do not receive their rank 1 prizes, despite finishing at stage 4000 in a tournament (and instead being pushed down to a random lower MS and receiving lower-tier prizes). We have looked into this and all players reaching rank 1 will receive the appropriate rewards (starting in v.1.7.0). Should you find that you don’t, please contact in-game support immediately after you experience the problem!

Prestige Panel

The prestige panel previously displayed an incorrect number of skills to be received and stage to receive these points. The panel has been revised and the skill + stage numbers are now correctly shown. If you find that you continue to experience this problem, we kindly ask you reinstall your game (ensuring that you have created an account through your Facebook or email address).

Hand of Midas Crash Bug

  • Some players were having their game crash while using Hand of Midas; this bug should be fixed now.

Known Bugs

Special Bundle Connection Issue

Some players have been experiencing an error message or a connection problem with the special bundle causing the player to unable to purchase or view the special bundle that should be available to them. This is due to the special bundle time expiring, or not achieving a stable connect that refreshes the shop and removing the special bundle after it expires.

Various Game Crashing (i.e. at clan quests, fairy videos and activating skills)

Leaving Clans but not able to join a new clan

Players who have left or been kicked by a clan may become stuck or trapped in a clan and unable to participate in CQ or find a new clan.

Note: Some players have been able to save their clan status by leaving the clan they no longer want to be a part of, and then navigating to their player profile and tapping ‘save.’ This is not a guarantee fix, but there have been confirmed cases where this has worked.

Coming Up: Update 1.7.0

Big plans are coming, and with each update comes a bit more reworking in anticipation for future expansion… as well as immediate fixes to polish the game and implement some of the most common requests made by you, in our awesome community! Update 1.7.0 is currently being tested by our QA team, and we’re aiming to submit the update for review early next week (& live as soon as it is approved by the App and Play stores!).

PS: With all the updates and planning currently going on, there was a missed DevLog last Friday – we sincerely apologize for any confusion this may have caused. Our schedule will be picking up as normal and the next update post will be up July 14th!

— So what can you expect in update 1.7.0? —

Heavenly Strike Rework

  • Heavenly Strike will now gain a new secondary effect, which is the ability to splash beyond the default value of 3 bonus kills (x4 total). Additionally, by upgrading Magic Fusion in the skill tree, players will also be able to splash through bosses and even entire stages using Heavenly Strike! Heavenly Strike attacks have also been prioritized to hit the current titan over other damage sources now.

Active Skill Rebalancing

  • Right now there isn’t a lot of motivation to increase active skill levels beyond level 1. To better balance this aspect out, and encourage a greater depth of decision-making, we’ve increased the minimum active skill mana cost to 3 and changed the skill effect scaling so that maximum level skills are now much stronger than level 1 skills.

Silent March in Tournaments!

  • You will now be able to use Silent March up to their maximum submitted tournament score for each tournament.

Buy Max Button Fix!

  • The buy max button will now actually buy the maximum amount of affordable upgrades, including the evolve costs. Please note that you will still need the individual hero weapon upgrades to get free automatic hero skills.

Daily Rewards

  • After completing the full two weeks of daily rewards, the reset after completion will go to the beginning of week 2, and not from the very beginning – so you can have all the best rewards to help you on your adventure.

Terminology Change

  • We have found that many players have been confusing Mystery Chest Tokens and Titan Points. To clarify this, we will be changing the names to Chest Tokens and Tournament Points. Note that:
  • Chest tokens are received from the daily rewards only – you can then use these tokens on the mystery chests in the bear shop.
  • Tournament points (formerly Titan Points) are points that you receive from tournaments only – they are an indicator for tournament participation and performance.

Various UX/Visual Improvements, performance enhancements, and additional balance tweaks.

We will be making an in-game announcement once the update has been submitted — keep your eyes open, and fingers ready!

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