TT2 DevLog #8: Player and Active Skill Reworking ⚔

July 14, 2017

Hello heroes from around the world!

We hope that whatever time it is and wherever you are in the world, you are tapping away evil titans all day and night (because do Titans even sleep?…).

Earlier this week, our team was able to put a pause to the Titans and their rampage for approximately one hour (we hear that the heroes and Titans called it, ~Server Maintenance~). This server maintenance allowed us to get ready for the changes that were to come with update 1.7.0, which was definitely one of our larger updates since the >4K release. We understand that despite our efforts to ensure that this update rolls out smoothly, there were some road-bumps experienced, and we apologize for any particular bugs that you may have experienced during this time. We take events such like this as a learning experience, as we identify areas of improvement when rolling out larger updates… And appreciate the patience of all our players as we continue to bring more to TT2!

If you haven’t checked out the full list of what changed in 1.7.0, you can take a look over here. We’re counting down to one of our largest updates and in anticipation of that, you may have noticed we have been balancing and tweaking skills, perks, gold… etc.! Update 1.7.0 included a lot of these balancing changes, so taking a look at these patch notes may clarify any slight changes you noticed.

In addition to the balancing, there were new features added in 1.7.0 we wanted to clarify:

Player / Active Skills:

  • Heavenly Strike has been given the ability to splash beyond the default maximum count of +3 (x4 total). The only way to increase this maximum splash count at the moment is by upgrading the level of Heavenly Strike itself. Additionally, Heavenly Strike can also gain the ability to splash through bosses and stages once the Magic Fusion enhancement is unlocked in the skill tree. Only one point in Magic Fusion is needed to unlock this additional ability.
  • War Cry had a minor decrease in effectiveness at lower skill levels and an increase at effectiveness at higher skill levels. There was a visual error in versions 1.6.0 and earlier, where the popup info panel for War Cry displayed the effect as being 100 times larger than what was actually given, but this was purely a visual error that was corrected with the v1.7.0 update. Furthermore, we want to stress that this skill is now stronger at maximum levels in 1.7.0 than it was in v1.6.0.
  • Silent March now works in tournaments up to the highest stage you’ve reached within each tournament! Your tournament score can still only be increased by actively playing, but after prestiging you will be able to use Silent March to get back to your highest prestige stage in your current tournament. For example: You join a tournament, actively play to and prestige at stage 3000. Now that you have prestiged, you can use Silent March to get back to stage 3000.
  • Clan Quest Restrictions: New clan members cannot participate in an already-started clan quest that is above clan level 100. New members can, however, participate if they join right before a new clan quest begins. This is to better manage fair gameplay, so that players do not change + join / leave clans for bonus advantages.


  • Auto- Kick/Demote/Promote – it’s here! The setting is automatically set to, “off.” Masters and Grand Masters who would like to set this should go to their clan options and set to your liking!

There were also a few clan bugs with update 1.7.0, that have been hotfixed yesterday in 1.7.1. This included the crashing and bugged scrolling with the Clan Quest Panel. There is currently a bug with clan searches – our team is looking into resolving this at the moment!

1.7.1 also included the following hotfixes:

  • Fixed the bug where the Titan’s HP was not resetting after prestiging in a tournament, as well as a few various related bugs that players were seeing.
  • The Fire Sword Golem upgrade will register damage after the Sword Master again, as it did in v1.6.0.
  • The crashing and scrolling issues associated with the Clan Quest Contributions Panel.

Known Bugs

We got it, and we’re working on it! If you think we missed anything, let us know in this thread.


Equipment is being dropped, but player have been unable to pick up the drops.

Special Bundle Connection Issue

There are still players seeing internet connection message when trying to access the Special Bundles. Our team is looking into this!

Tournament Incorrect Ranking / Prizes

Many players experienced issues with their tournament, in which they receive they did not receive their rank 1 prizes, despite finishing at stage 4000. This has been resolved with update 1.7.0., but we have received a couple reports that some players did not receive their correct prizes. If you do experience this issue, please contact support through the options panel in your game and a support team member would be glad to look into your account and assist accordingly!

Additional Bugs

  • Several bugs related to fairies have been identified and are being worked on.
  • Helpers contributing 0 damage during Clan Quests.
  • Issues with players not being able to join tournaments.
  • Issues with players not being able to update their tournament scores.
  • Mana potions not dropping from mama fairies or being rewarded from tournaments.
  • Damage during Clan Quests appearing larger than what is possible within the 600 maximum tap limitation.

We are currently working away on update 1.8.0! The update is being worked on, but here’s a brief overview of what you can expect…

  • Shadow Clone is getting a new secondary effect: it will now gain the ability of the Mana Siphon and Lightning Strike passive skill tree effects when active. However, you will still need these skill tree enhancements unlocked in order for your Shadow Clone to trigger them.
  • Mana Siphon had a bug that made it much less effective than it was intended to be, so this is getting fixed alongside the Shadow Clone rework!
  • War Cry is getting reworked to give larger bonuses, specifically related to heroes and clan ship damage; the bonus damage given to pets and other related skills will remain exactly the same as it is in v1.7.0. Additionally, the attack speed bonus given to heroes will strictly depend on the level of War Cry itself, so you will need to level it up to increase your hero attack rate!
  • There will also be reworks for Heroic Might and Ultra Heroes, along with a few other planned surprises!

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