DevLog #144: Version 6.4.0 Patch Notes

October 27, 2023

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Version 6.4.0 will be releasing this upcoming Tuesday the 31st. This update is focused on skill tree reworks, skill tree loadout improvements, new equipment, and general game optimizations. Of note, with the 6.4 update, skill trees will be invalidated as a result of the reworks, so if you want to remember your skill tree, it’s recommended to save it or screenshot it prior to the update. Read all about it below!

New Content:              

Anniversary Aquamarine legendary set

  • 10x All Spell Boost during Mana Potion
  • +5% Manni Mana Chance      

Golden Fairy event set

  • 10x Fairy Gold

New Unique Equipment

  • Damon’s Power aura equipment with Fire Sword Damage primary bonus and Fire Sword Duration secondary bonus
  • Gulbrand’s Rally aura equipment with War Cry Damage primary bonus and War Cry Companion Attack Rate secondary bonus
  • Jayce’s Armor armor equipment with Hand of Midas Gold primary bonus and All Gold during Hayst secondary bonus
  • Kronus’ Flame slash equipment with Twilight Damage primary bonus and Twilight Fairy Stage Skip secondary bonus
  • Lance’s Axe sword equipment with All Damage per Hero Weapon primary bonus and Heavenly Strike Damage secondary bonus
  • Sophia’s Faith aura equipment with Deadly Strike Damage primary bonus and Companion Deadly Strike Damage secondary bonus
  • Titania’s Garb armor equipment with Fairy Gold primary bonus and Legacy Pet Gold secondary bonus

7 Year Anniversary Dungeon Eggsplorer Event begins on November 1st, 2023

  • Collect Pets to explore the Dungeon
  • New Dungeon avatar and avatar frame
  • Clan Quest rewards with Dust, Raid Cards, and Pets for collecting event currency as a clan
  • Prestigious Champion, Spell Master, and Tiny Titan event equipment drops

2x Crafting Shard Titan Chest Promotion

General Changes:

Skill Tree Reworks

  • More power
  • Standardized skill costs and levels
  • Rescaled every skill
  • Stage skip slightly reduced at higher levels
  • Tier 1 skills with 35 levels and 850 assignable skill points
  • Tier 2 skills with 30 levels and 639 assignable skill points
  • Tier 3 skills with 30 levels and 639 assignable skill points
  • Tier 4 skills with 20 levels and 755 assignable skill points
  • Tier 5 skills with 20 levels and 755 assignable skill points
  • Mana skills with 15 levels and 230 assignable skill points
  • Multi-Cast skills with 3 levels and 250 assignable skill points
  • Quality of life skills with 9 levels and 40 assignable skill points

Monument Changes

  • Reverted Ancient Origin of the Vipers to Dagger Damage per Day
  • Reverted Nine Pentacle Garden to Jackpot Gold per Day
  • Reverted Temperance Training Ground to All Damage per Day

Abyssal Tournament Reward Changes

  • Unique Equipment Rewarded for reaching milestone 7 in an Abyssal Tournament
  • Slightly lowered diamond rewards by 100 for milestone 7
  • Time Storm rewards Elder Snow Hat
  • Companion Frenzy rewards Gulbrand’s Rally
  • Shimmering Blacksmith rewards Alpha Heart Blade
  • Blade Bombardment rewards Sophia’s Faith
  • Enchanted Mind rewards Lance’s Axe
  • Solar Eclipse rewards Kronus’ Flame
  • Metabolic Growth rewards Titania’s Garb

Ultra Abyssal Tournament Reward Changes

  • Adding diamond rewards for leaderboard placements
  • Higher placements give more rewards

Skill Tree Save Slot Reworks

  • Import and Export save slots
  • Error handling for save slots
  • Save slots can exceed currently owned skill points
  • Custom save slot names
  • Save slot help menu

Skill Tree Colored Borders

  • Border colors to indicate status of skills
  • Normal borders for no skill points applied and no changes
  • Thick borders for skill points points applied and no changes
  • Gold borders for assigned skill points exceeding applied skill points
  • Red borders for assigned skill points lower than applied skill points

Silent March Timer in Stats Panel

  • Max Sneak Time for time from Prestige Stage to Max Silent March Stage
  • Current Sneak Time for time from Current Stage to Max Silent March Stage

Solo Raid Instant Reward Collection

  • All solo raid rewards currently sitting in the inbox will be automatically collected prior to the 6.4.0 update maintenance is completed

Instant Increment Titan Counter Setting

  • Toggle in Options panel
  • Faster Leave Battle button when on

Updated Exclusions for Equipment Secondaries

Removed Advance Start changes from special XXXXX milestones

  • Milestones such as 11111, 22222, etc

Server Optimizations

  • Updated library code versions to newer versions
  • Optimized infodocs for faster processing

Banned players can now delete their accounts

Enabled Super Season Pass for all players

  • 25 USD bundle
  • 15 USD upgrade from regular season pass if regular season pass is owned
  • Gives all benefits of normal season pass as well as increased reward nodes

Bug Fixes:

Fixed issues where players could sometimes be unable to bulk collect rewards in Dungeon Eggsplorer events

Fixed issue where players could activate Clan Crates through the Transcendence panel

Fixed issues where Health Bars could overflow text in certain languages

Fixed issues where “Per Day” monument bonuses wouldn’t correctly apply

Fixed issue where Abyssal Tournament chests could reward only 1 relic on purchase

Fixed various game crashes

Fixed minor localization issues

Fixed minor visual issues

Thank you for reading!    

Happy Tapping! 


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