DevLog #161: Version 6.11.0 Patch Notes

May 31, 2024

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Version 6.11.0 will be releasing this upcoming Tuesday the 4th. This update is focused on many new equipment sets, many general rebalances, and other improvements. Read all about it below!

New Features:

Dark Automaton Legendary Set

  • 1.5x Fairy Gold per Day (capping at 1e20)
  • Enable Auto-Tap Twilight Fairy after 3 seconds

Tavern Keeper Event Set

  • 10x All Gold

Steel Hero Rare Set

  • 5x Gold Gun Damage

Meat Master Rare Set

  • 5x Pet Damage

Hidden Assassin Rare Set

  • 5x Shadow Clone Damage

Mechanized Master Rare Set

  • 5x Heavenly Strike Damage

Twilight Fairy Gloom Damage

  • Added to Eventide Afterglow
  • Twilight Damage boost when a Twilight Fairy damages a titan
  • Similar to Poison Edge
  • Stacks up to 5 times

Tavern Dungeon Eggsplorer event begins on June 5th, 2024

  • Collect Pets to explore the Dungeon
  • New Dungeon avatar and avatar frame
  • Roll Player and Tavern Dancer event equipment drops
  • Clan quest with dust, raid cards, and skill points

4x Skill Points Titan Chest Promotion

General Changes:

Titan Target Changes

  • View titan targets when raid hasn’t started
  • View titan targets for non-current titans
  • Additional yellow targeting state

Refresh Button

  • Clan chat refresh
  • Inbox refresh
  • Clan raid refresh cooldown lowered

Titan Hand Hitboxes extended vertically downwards

Lights! Camera! Action! Aura rework

  • Aura changed to track time since last prestiged rather than time since game opened

Rebalanced equipment converted to rare for the new sets

Rosabelle’s Uniform Rebalance

  • Rosabelle’s Uniform primary effect changed from Royal Contract Gold to Jackpot Gold
  • Any existing Rosabelle’s Uniforms will be converted during the server maintenance

Tweaked discovery costs for artifacts 80-103 and enchantments 1-3

Anchoring Shot Rebalance

  • Higher initial Clan Ship Stage Skip for lower levels
  • Lower maximum Clan Ship Stage Skip for higher levels

Abyssal Tournament Changes

  • Blade Bombardment Dagger Target Damage increased from e3 to e10
  • Companion Frenzy Advance Start increased from 80% to 90%
  • Elder Snow Cap added to Companion Frenzy starting equipment
  • Elder Snow Cap added to Enchanted Mind starting equipment
  • Solar Eclipse Advance start increased from 85% to 90%

Dust Shop reset changed from every 12 hours to every 8 hours

Tournament algorithm improvements

  • Generally improved matchmaking
  • Tighter tournament brackets, so you may see fewer people in your tournaments
  • Improvements to Transcendence matchmaking
  • Improved Ultra Tournament matchmaking

Monument Damage Rebalances

  • Increased uncapped Monument Damage exponent from 0.425 to 0.53

Equipment pile automatically collected on Transcendence season end

Bug Fixes:

Fixed minor visual issues

Fixed various game crashes

Fixed minor localization issues

Thank you for reading!    

Happy Tapping! 


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