DevUpdate #102: I’ve Got The Power

September 22, 2023

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here! Last week we went over all the changes coming to Transcendence in Season 2, and this week we’ll delve deeper into the non-Transcendence changes being made in the 6.3 update. Let’s get into it!

To start, we are making some changes to make it easier to reset your skill tree. If you are above a certain stage threshold, the skill tree will require you to prestige before making changes to it. We are changing this to have a Prestige and Apply button on the skill tree, allowing you to keep all your changes and instantly prestige. This should smooth out the flow a bit when editing your skill trees on the fly!

In a similar vein, we are also making so that salvaging artifacts and monuments above that stage threshold will also have a Prestige and Salvage button to ensure that progression isn’t affected by your salvaging.

6.3 will be introducing a new Legendary equipment set, the Wild Clawmaster. Wild Clawmaster will help you gain additional All Damage for consecutive days logged in, up to a maximum of 14 days. The more you play, the stronger you’ll be! Additionally, you’ll get a boost to your Multiple Titan Chance to help hunt down more titans than before.

In addition to a new equipment set, we are also making changes to equipment via reworks to Crafting Power. These reworks will look to balance out the power distribution of equipment sets between the different damage sources and gold sources, as well as raising the boost you get from Crafting Power and reducing diminishing returns. Overall, Crafting Power will be stronger than before, and the more you have, the stronger you’ll become!

We’ll also be looking at some of our older equipment sets that may have less potent bonuses, and will be making changes to help ensure that all equipment sets are strong and desirable to craft.

As these aspects are still undergoing balance, we’ll be able to provide more context around exactly what’s changing with the equipment sets and crafting power in the patch notes once we get closer to release.

With the new milestone system for improving your Starting Stage, some players have been confused about how to increase their Starting Stage. To help with this, we’ll be making changes to the Prestige Panel to add a button and warning for uncollected milestones prior to prestige. This should help reduce the cases where you prestige accidentally without collecting your milestones first, which should help ensure you’re at a good starting stage after a prestige!

Lastly, we are changing VIP tiers to move the Skill Tree Reset Discount down to Tier 4, rather than the Tier 5 it was at before.

Thank you for reading! Next week we’ll delve deeper into the 6.3 update, including some changes to prestiging.

Happy Tapping!


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