DevUpdate #116: Handy Targeting

May 17, 2024

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Today we’ll start to look into the 6.11 update. This update will be a bit smaller similar to 6.10 to help us take the time to work on some super secret things in the backend that we can reveal at a later date. However, today we can get into a few small changes to clans and raiding that should help generally improve quality of life. Let’s get into it!

First off, we’ve had a lot of requests from clans for additional options to add targets to titans. Currently we have an empty target, a red X, and a green circle. To help give more possibilities for clans to tailor their targeting to their strategies, we’re going to be adding a yellow crosshair target. This adds another state to the existing targets, which should allow you to highlight things such as a Victory March target that’s on-strat but shouldn’t be attacked until later, or choosing the first and second priority targets with your green and yellow targets.

Speaking of targets, we are also changing how players can view these targets. Recruits, Knights, and Captains have not had the ability to view targets for titans outside of the currently active titan. We’re changing this so that they now will be able to view targets of all titans at any time, including in the preparation phase when the raid has not fully started yet. Only Masters and Grand Masters will be able to modify the targets still.

We’ve been able to make some improvements serverside to help relay data faster to players. As a result, we’re decreasing the cooldown for the Clan Raid refresh button from 60 seconds to 2 seconds. Additionally, we’ll be adding in refresh buttons to the clan chat and inbox, allowing you to chat with your clanmates closer to real-time and to instantly refresh your inbox to collect any freebies or purchases from our web shop.

Lastly, we’re making changes to the Hand hitboxes in raids. Those pesky titan-lords will have longer hand hitboxes than before, which should make it easier to get in all your taps when cycling from hands to legs or vice versa.

Thank you for reading! Next week we’ll continue to look into the 6.11 update, including our next automation legendary set and a new feature being added to the skill tree.

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Happy Tapping! 


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