DevUpdate #68: Don’t Tell Me You’re Too Blind To See

April 1, 2022

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. With spring officially here and as we move into April, we’ll also be looking to spring forward into the 5.16 update. The previous update made changes to help repace the main game progression of Tap Titans 2, improve the quality-of-life surrounding raiding, and adding in and reworking event types. 5.16 will be continuing these themes. Today we’ll be looking into some of the changes being made surrounding the skill tree and builds, as well as some quality-of-life changes requested for raiding.

Starting off, TT2 will officially be losing a companion. Currently, Companion Damage is a special bonus that boosts Clan Ship, Pet, Shadow Clone, and Dagger Damages. With this change, we are reworking the Dagger damage source to remove Daggers from being companions, and instead considering them proper blades that will benefit from Gunblade Damage. This change is intended to be roughly net neutral in terms of overall damage, but will allow Daggers to be the majestic weapons they were meant to always be. One large quality of life improvement for this change will be that Dagger players will now be able to use Gunblade Damage helmets, removing the “need” to change your helmet based on your strongest hero.

Continuing with the build changes, we are making a series of improvements to help both clarify and improve splash skip for builds. One point of confusion we’ve seen is around Clan Ship and Pet builds, where Coordinated Offensive, Thunder Volley, and Lightning Burst special attacks have a splash skip doubling property. This allows these special attacks to splash even when your regular attacks do not, but this has led to confusion around why players can only sometimes splash. In order to help reduce this confusion, we are removing these special multipliers for splash skip from these attacks, and then are increasing the base splash skip values for Clan Ship and Pet. This will mean that your regular Clan Ship or Dual Burst attacks will be able to splash just as far as the other special attacks, and the listed values for splash skip will work exactly as listed.

In addition to the above, we’ll also be rescaling the Cloak and Dagger and Power Surge talents to help frontload levels for new players and allow them to have easier access to splash skip.

In addition to all of the build changes, we’re also making some tweaks to raiding. To start, we’ll be looking at a community requested feature from our top raiding clans. Tier 4 raiding introduces Cursed Armor, which applies an Affliction or Burst Damage debuff until the cursed armor is removed. This feature has caused some strife where cursed armor could spawn on parts that clans were not targeting, leading to a potential damage loss without an easy way to remove these debuffs. In 5.16, we will be restricting the locations that Cursed Armor can appear on each Titan Lord. This should help clans avoid the cases where you see Cursed Armor on a very high HP part or off-strategy part, such as having Cursed Armor on a Mohaca torso part.

New raid changes are also extending out to solo raids (and global raids) in addition to clan raids. In all raid types, the Leave Battle button will be present if the Raid Retry setting is activated. This will allow for easier retries when attacking your Solo Raid Worlds, as well as changing to new deck options.

Finally, we are making a change to solo raids pertaining to Clan Loyalty. Originally, Clan Loyalty was not intended to affect your solo raid damage, primarily due to leaving your clan resetting your loyalty, and this could cause you to not be able to easily clear your solo raids. We are removing Clan Loyalty from solo raids, and replacing it with a Solo Raid specific damage bonus that multiplies your damage. This will be equal to Level 12 clan loyalty, with a 34% damage increase.

In addition to all the other changes announced today, we are also very happy to announce a special release trailer for something newly added into the Tap Titans lore. Give it a watch and let us know what you think!

While not happening quite yet, we’ll soon be starting up a contest on our Discord Server to help highlight some community content and allow people to win special prizes. If you’re interested in participating, be sure to join the server for when we post the rules and begin accepting submissions!

Happy Tapping!


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