DevUpdate #78: Quantity of Quality

August 26, 2022

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. With 5.20.0 releasing major changes such as the new Master Tier, we are now looking to an update focused more on quality of life and optimization changes for 5.21.0, and also some reworks to existing systems. Let’s get into it!

To start with, the Dungeon Eggsplorer event will be making a return in the 5.21.0 update. Player feedback was overwhelmingly positive for this event type, and we’ve been focusing on adding in some new features to help add some more adventure and streamline your exploration of the dungeon.

New Dungeons will now have special doors and keys, where you have to find the specific key to unlock the specific door. This may have you want to return to a higher floor once you discover the correct key for bountiful rewards!


The new Dungeons will be paced out a bit more smoothly, with the time gated doors being more frequent, but also with far less time between each door. This will allow players who can fully explore the available floors to start exploring sooner and discover more of what the dungeon holds.

The dungeon creators have gotten trickier as well with their dungeon designs, so be sure to closely investigate each floor for anything that stands out!

In addition to these new mechanics, we are also adding in some additional quality of life features to the Dungeon Eggsplorer event. Event notifications in-game will be improved to ensure that you are notified only when you have more dungeon tiles to explore, and the notifications will not display if you have explored all available tiles. We will also be sending out notifications when the event is nearing completion to help ensure that players know to use their remaining torches and collect their rewards.

Lastly, the Completionist rewards will be placed in a clearer location to help players see the unique rewards they will receive for fully exploring the dungeon and conquering its depths.

Continuing along with quality-of-life improvements, we are making some changes to the skill tree to help players. Starting off, Stroke of Luck previously was the only way for Clan Ship, Pet, and Shadow Clone builds to be able to benefit from the Deadly Strike skill. We are changing these companion damage sources to receive a base bonus from Deadly Strike even without investing in the Stroke of Luck skill, and then leveling up Stroke of Luck will continue to boost your damage further. Now if you forget to level up Stroke of Luck, you will still get a strong damage boost from your spells.

Additionally, if you have a new spell added by unlocking it with a skill, once you lock in your skill tree and apply your skill points, the Spell Selection panel will now pop-up immediately to help remind players to change their spells and use the newly unlocked spell. Additionally, if you respec your skill tree build and then re-unlock the same spells, the game will now automatically equip the same spells you had equipped before.

Moving on to quality-of-life features in raiding, we are focusing on helping players with their deckbuilding. With the addition of Master Tier and players moving through the higher tiers faster, we want to introduce additional deck slots so players can set up their desired decks. Players will now be able to use up to 24 deck slots, and the deck list will now be scrollable so you can move from deck to deck.

We are also adding in a Used Card indicator when you have a Clan Raid active to display what cards you have already used in that raid attack cycle. This should make deckbuilding a breeze to help you see what cards you have remaining to use.

The quality-of-life improvements don’t stop yet, and next up is the equipment sets and the crafting panel. We will be adding in a new highlighted equipment set feature to help players see equipment sets that are meaningful to them at the top of their Crafting Panel. The Newest set will display at the top, followed by Recommended sets for equipment sets that players may want to prioritize. Mythic equipment will have one recommended Mythic equipment set, and Legendary equipment will have three recommended Legendary equipment sets. The recommended equipment sets will be based on your chosen damage type, which is selected using your currently equipped Slash equipment. Additionally, Event equipment will have the Currently Collectible Event equipment sets displayed at the top to highlight which sets you can receive from regular equipment drops.

Now, we aren’t only releasing quality-of-life for equipment sets, but we are also releasing a new Legendary equipment set. Enter the Sky Skirmisher, a cool winged Legendary set that will increase your Slash Primary Effect and the amount of Stage Rush earned each prestige. Sky Skirmisher will be a great way to bolster your Stage Rush gain to help reach as high of a starting stage when you prestige as possible.


I hope everyone is excited for the 5.21.0 update! Next week we’ll continue to go through the features coming in the update, including some new rewards and game optimizations coming.

Happy Tapping!


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