DevUpdate #79: Skilled Labour

September 16, 2022

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. With 5.21’s update being focused mostly on quality-of-life improvements, we are now moving forward to work on some new mechanics to the game in the 5.22.0 update. Let’s get into it!

One of the main focuses for the 5.22 update will be around reworking and expanding the skill trees. The Knight, Rogue, Summoner, and Warlord skill trees will be receiving reworks to existing skills and skill orderings, and additionally new skills will be coming to all four skill trees as well. Today we’ll be focusing on those reworked and new skills.

To start with, we will be adding two new Tier 5 Multi-Casting skills into the game to give new multi-cast bonuses to spells that currently lack them.

Eventide Afterglow will be a new Tier 5 skill in the Knight tree, and it will increase your Twilight Fairy Damage per Multi-Cast and your Twilight Fairy Max Multi-Casts. Additionally, each multi-cast of your Twilight Fairy spell will increase your Twilight Fairy Damage, and give additional Shadow Clone and Heavenly Strike Splash Count. Heavenly Strike and Shadow Clone will get a nice boost in both speed and power when using Eventide Afterglow!

Galvanized Mast will be a new Tier 5 skill in the Warlord tree, and it will increase your Thunder Ship Damage per Multi-Cast and your Thunder Ship Max Multi-Casts. Additionally, each multi-cast of your Thunder Ship spell will increase your Thunder Ship Damage, and give increased Thunder Volley Charge Speed to help reduce the number of Clan Ship shots needed to activate Thunder Volley. Clan Ship builds should get a nice boost in both speed and power when using Galvanized Mast!

In addition to these changes, we’ll be reworking skills in the Summoner tree and adding a new skill. Enter Combat Techniques, a new Tier 3 skill in the Summoner tree that will increase the effects of both your Equipment Pets (Effie, Cosmos, Annabelle, Percy, and Taffy), as well increase the level of your currently active pet. As some eagle-eyed readers may have noticed, Equipment Pet Effects is already an existing bonus that is currently on the Companion Warfare skill, and this will be moving to Combat Techniques. In its place, Companion Warfare will be receiving a Companion Damage bonus.

As another change, Pet Auto-Attack will now be changing to be unlocked with the Pet Evolution skill, rather than requiring 200 pet levels. This will help make Pet builds more accessible for new players.

Lastly, we have the Rogue skill tree. The Rogue tree has the most significant reworks overall, with two new skill and multiple reworked skills.

Cloaking will be reworked to work up until your Max Stage by default, and will also now be moved up to a Tier 2 skill. This will help allow Cloaking to speed players towards their max stage more directly. The Hidden Viper legendary set will also be changed to give a higher Cloaked Skip Chance as its previous Cloaked Stage bonus is no longer relevant.

Taking the spot of Cloaking in the Tier 4 of the Rogue skill tree, the new skill Loaded Dice will be found. Loaded Dice will give an All Gold and an All Probabilities bonus when the Hayst special titan’s effects are active. All Probabilities helps you deal more damage by increasing your Critical Chance and Deadly Strike Chance, as well as increasing consistency and speed by increasing bonuses such as your Portar Spawn Chance and the spawn chance of other special titans.

The Stroke of Luck skill is being retired in this update. Assassinate will be moved from its current position in Tier 3 of the Rogue tree up to Tier 2, and a new skill called Backstab will be the new Tier 3 Rogue tree skill. Backstab will increase your Critical Damage when Deadly Strike is active, giving a strong boost in damage similar to how the old Stroke of Luck skill would function.

Master Thief is being moved to Tier 1 of the Rogue skill tree, and will be changing to give an All Gold bonus. This moves Summon Dagger down into Tier 2, and all the Dagger skills will be seeing reworks to help accommodate this change. The Jackpot Gold bonus is being moved to the Transmutation skill in the Alchemist skill tree to help pair together the Jackpot Gold and Jackpot Chance bonuses on the same skill.

Summon Dagger will be a Tier 2 Rogue tree skill, and will have bonuses to Dagger Damage, Dagger Cooldown, and Dagger Splash Count. Below it, Poison Edge will be a Tier 3 Rogue tree skill and will have Poison Damage Boost, Dagger Count, and Dagger Splash Skip bonuses. Weakpoint Throw is moved to Tier 4 of the Rogue tree, and Mark of Death will stay in Tier 5 of the Rogue tree. Dagger Storm is being removed, as the bonuses are being merged into Summon Dagger.

Lastly, we’ll be implementing some new quality of life improvements for the skill tree. There will now be clearer indicators for when a skill tree or particular group of skills are unavailable, and with clearer indicators on what stage will unlock them. This will help players focus on the skills available to them.

I hope everyone is excited about these changes. Next week we’ll discuss some other rework to existing content and new content being added, as well as a change that specific players have been requesting for months now. We’ll see you then!

Happy Tapping!


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