DevUpdate #94: Making a Splash

May 26, 2023

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Today we’ll be going over many of the changes coming in the 5.30 update, as well as a small teaser into some of the Splash changes coming in the upcoming 6.0 update. Let’s get into it!

5.30 Changes

To start, the 5.30 update will be introducing a new Legendary equipment set: Midas’ Champion. The Midas’ Champion set will increase your All Gold, and will also decrease the Auto-Upgrade Heroes cooldown when you are using the Make it Rain perk. This will allow for faster hero upgrading.

In addition to the above, we are adding several requested quality-of-life improvements to the game.

When raiding, HP bars and the new Affliction Stack display will now be changed to remain in a static location, allowing for easier reading of their values.

Skill Points that fall to the ground every 500 stages when pushing will now have a number on them to clearly denote how many skill points you have saved up and ready for collection.

Raid Level-Up animations will now be skippable, allowing players to more quickly upgrade their cards.

5.30 will have a brand new Abyssal Tournament rule set: Blade Bombardment. Blade Bombardment will be an Abyssal Tournament themed around Dagger builds. Daggers will be able to splash more, deal more damage, and have drastically less cooldown between each dagger. Overall, they will start to spawn faster than you can easily throw them, and you can use your flurry of blades to defeat the titans and push for the top spot as quickly as you can. Players will also start with the Jonalyn, the Deadly Flower mythic equipment set for an extra boost of early power.

We are also adjusting the Time Storm Abyssal Tournament. Players will start with more overall power, and will have a higher Special Titan Chance than before to really increase the speed you can progress through those stages.

Raid API

With 5.30.X (the exact release date is variable still), we will be unveiling the Raid API, a special technology that allows players or applications to directly receive game data from our servers. Using, applications and tools will be able to connect to the API and collect information such as when a raid is created, when players submit attacks, etc. Player attacks will also include information such as what cards were used, how much damage was done to various parts of the Titan Lords, and the current state of the titan. Overall, this tool will allow for easier management of clans, and I’m sure that the community will work to develop new bots or tools to help work with this information. For example, this API would allow bots to automatically inform players when a certain titan state is reached, such as having six exposed body parts for Insanity Void or having low HP parts for Decaying Strike.

A button will be added in the Options panel that will allow players to generate tokens, which will be used to access your data through the API.

We’ll be releasing the full documentation for the Raid API Soon™ on our Discord server, so if you would like to join in on the discussion around the Raid API, please feel free to join us there!

6.0 Changes

Now we can start to look forward to the 6.0 update. These changes won’t be released with 5.30, but will come in a future update.

Last week we teased about changes coming to the Splash system. This week we’ll get into more details. To start, we are fully removing the concepts of Splash Damage, Splash Skip, and Splash Count entirely. Players will always be able to splash if they are attacking with a damage source that can splash, and all existing bonuses that gave Splash Damage, Splash Skip, and Splash Count will be replaced. This will mean that many equipment sets, the Corrupted Rune Heart artifact, the pet Kit, and your Talents will all be getting new bonuses to help boost your power in other ways.

To replace those splash bonuses, we are adding two new types of splash: Titan Skip and Stage Skip. Titan Skip is used when you defeat a non-boss titan, and skips a certain number of non-boss titans. Stage Skip will be used when you defeat a boss titan, and skips a certain number of stages. Titan scaling for the number of titans per stage will also be changing to help maintain a steadier number of titans per stage, so that a player with a similar amount of Titan Skip or Stage Skip will move at a similar speed regardless of your current stage.

Certain attacks have longer cooldowns between use (Thunder Volley, Lightning Burst, Golden Missile, Blade Cyclone, etc), and they will have the property of Full Skip, where defeating a non-boss titan will trigger Stage Skip. This way if you do fire off one of these bigger splash attacks, it will guarantee that you splash lots of stages.

Lastly, we are giving Heavenly Strike a special property, where Heavenly Strike attacks will trigger Titan Skip if you also trigger Stage Skip, allowing players to skip a number of stages, and then also skip a number of titans on the stage you end up at. This can help you go from boss to boss more effectively if your Titan Skip is high enough.

Overall, players will see more Special Titans as a result of this change, and will have consistently fast speeds when splashing across all stages. Every damage source will have its own values for Titan Skip and Stage Skip, giving each build its own identity while still allowing for balanced amounts of speed.

As mentioned above, 6.0 will also be changing Talents to give power. Talents will be rebalanced for how many resources you need to unlock a given level, and each talent will now give a new bonus to increase your overall power. We will also be increasing the maximum level for talents so our older players can continue to grow and push for higher stages beyond the current stage cap.

Silent March will still give Sneak Count, but will be rebalanced to help give a more consistent speed for all players with the rebalanced Titans per Stage.

Talent NameOld BonusNew Bonus
Anti-Titan CannonClan Ship Splash SkipAll Hero Damage
Arcane BargainTalent EffectsAll Damage
Cloak and DaggerDagger Splash SkipAll Gold
Golden ForgeGold Gun Splash SkipJackpot Gold
Intimidating PresenceTitan ReductionMana Capacity
Mystical ImpactTwilight Splash SkipCritical Damage
Power SurgePet Splash SkipTap Damage

We hope everyone is excited with the changes to come! We’ll continue to share new information about 5.30 and 6.0 as we can. A lot of work behind the scenes is being done on the 6.0 update, so the 5.30 update will be a bit smaller to allow us to focus on making 6.0 as polished as possible.

Happy Tapping!


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