DevUpdate #93: Very Nice, Great Sixcess

May 19, 2023

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. With 5.29 behind us, we are now starting to prepare for a larger update than usual. This will be done across multiple updates, and will end with the 6.0 update being released. This will be our first update incrementing the major version number in two and a half years. Today we’ll be covering some of the overarching goals that we’ll be working on for the 6.0 update. Let’s get into it!

For the 6.0 update, we will be reworking the game’s progression systems to help both simplify the experience and provide faster and smoother progression, including overhauling our splash system and advance start systems entirely.

The current splash system works with sources giving Splash Damage, Splash Skip, Splash Count, Titan Count, and Stage Skip, and we’ll be reworking this system by simplifying some of these bonuses and even removing some of them so the splash system is easier to understand. This will also help differentiate various skill tree build options, as we’ll be reworking how each build is able to splash. One of our goals with these changes is to remove the concept of “splash-walling”, where players have more titans per stage than they can easily splash through and the overall speed of your prestiges drops. We want to have a more consistent experience for players regardless of your stats.

The current advance start system works with Advance Start % coming from several different sources, as well as additive Advance Start via Stage Rush. We plan on reworking this system to change where advance start comes from, changing the concept of percent based advance start, and overall make the number of stages that you progress through more standardized among all players at a given stage.

In the end, we want to ensure that these progression systems will be clearer for new players and lead to a better gameplay experience for everyone, and with progression being smoother for all players.

To go along with this smoother progression, we also have plans to drastically increase the power that players are able to earn while they progress, especially for players deeper into the main game who may have previously been stuck at a high stage.

Build balance between different damage sources and gold sources will be rebalanced and players will have more opportunities to gain power, helping them progress to higher stages. Many existing systems that give power such as artifacts, artifact enchantments, pets, and equipment sets will be rebalanced or changed to help improve player power and allow you to push past any stage you may have been stuck at previously. New systems to gain power will also be implemented to help further progress the deeper you are into the game!

This will also come with many back-end code rework that will allow us to give a lot more stages to progress through, and with smoother progression between stages overall. And for our strongest players, they will be able to progress much further beyond the current stage cap.

We’ll go into more detail about what all these changes will look like as we get closer to their release. The upcoming 5.30 may feel slightly smaller than usual as we have been doing a lot of preparation work for the 6.0 update.

Thank you all for reading! Next week we’ll delve into some features that are coming in 5.30, including some nice changes to Abyssal Tournaments, the Make it Rain perk, and our upcoming Raid API.

Happy Tapping!


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