DevLog #132: Version 5.29.1 Patch Notes

May 12, 2023

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Version 5.29.1 will be releasing this upcoming Tuesday the 16th. Read all about it below!

Bug Fixes:

Fixed issues where Video Chests could display Alchemy Ingredients when they shouldn’t have

Fixed issues where players could interact with panels through the Transmog Panel

Fixed issues where the Clan Loyalty bar could visually go down instead of up

Fixed issues where using Transmogs in Abyssal Tournaments could throw errors

Fixed issue where players could purchase the Season Pass twice

Fixed issues where Bear Shop Reset and Dust Shop Reset notifications would reset to be enabled after being disabled

Fixed issues where some transmog Auras would not display correctly

Fixed issues where Heart of Gold could have higher values than expected

Fixed issues where Password Reset pages wouldn’t load correctly

Fixed minor localization issues

Fixed minor visual issues

In addition to this, we’ll also be releasing many new raid features with the end of Master Tier Season 3 and the start of Season 4. These should be going live sometime Friday the 19th after Season 3 has ended.

New Content

New Support Card: Astral Echo

  • All Raid Damage bonus
  • Bonus tap every 5 taps on a previously tapped part
  • Bonus taps have half the chance to activate Burst and Affliction cards

New Affliction Card: Corrosive Bubble

  • Affliction stacks refresh the duration of all stacks on the part
  • Reaching max stacks on a part removes all stacks on that part and deals a large amount of damage instantly

General Changes:

Raid Card Balance Changes

Acid Drench

  • -3% Affliction Damage

Grasping Vines

  • +2% Limb Damage

Psychic Shackles

  • +1% Burst Damage

Ravenous Swarm

  • +2% Affliction Damage

Soul Fire

  • +1.86% Head Damage
  • +1.86% Torso Damage

Whip of Lightning

  • +1% Burst Damage

Reworked Raid XP on card level-up

  • Raid XP increases starting from level 7 cards
  • Raid XP reaches the maximum of 700 XP per level starting at level 28 cards

Reworked Enemy Bonuses for Tier 3 clan raids and Solo Raids

  • Removed Affliction Chance debuff
  • Removed Affliction Damage debuff
  • Removed Affliction Duration debuff
  • Removed Burst Chance debuff
  • Removed Burst Damage debuff

Reworked Clan Raid and Solo Raid HP

  • Overall, raids will be slightly easier than before when including the reworked Raid XP on card level-up

Reworked Fast Completion bonuses for Master Tier raids

Number of Raid CyclesNumber of Raids Bypassed

Reworked Fortune Scroll scaling for Raid Rewards

  • Ratio of Fortune Scrolls to Hero scrolls moved from 1:4 to 1:3
  • Overall the same number of scrolls, but more Fortune Scrolls relative to Hero Scrolls

Raised Raid Level cap to 1500

Reworked Raid Level scaling for levels 800+

  • Less relative increase in Raid XP to earn a new level

Season 4 Card Boosts

  • Astral Echo: +20 levels
  • Corrosive Bubbles: +20 levels
  • Cosmic Haymaker: +10 levels

Thank you for reading!    

Happy Tapping! 


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