DevLog #117: Version 5.24.0 Patch Notes

November 25, 2022

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Version 5.24.0 will be releasing this upcoming Tuesday the 29th. This update is focused on skill tree reset improvements and the brand new Alchemy Lab event. Read all about the changes below!

New Content:

New Alchemy Lab Event

  • Collect ingredients daily from daily achievements, daily collectibles, video chests, and more
  • Combine ingredients for rewards and new ingredients, including the new Mad Scientist event equipment set
  • View your Recipe Book to see what recipes you’ve already completed and their rewards

New Plague Doctor legendary equipment set

  • 1.4x Gold Gun Attack Rate
  • 10x Helmet Primary Effect

New Gingerbread Master event equipment set

  • 10x Tap Damage

New Mad Scientist event equipment set

  • 10x Gold Gun Damage

Skill Tree Save Slots

  • Save your current skill tree to a slot
  • Load that slot’s skill tree to overwrite your current tree
  • Two save slots by default
  • One additional save slot added with VIP 1
  • Save slots are disabled in Abyssal Tournaments

Skill Tree Recalibration

  • Subtractable skill levels
  • Lock in your changes to the skill tree using the Apply button
  • No charge to reset your skill tree until you apply the changes made
  • Players under max stage 10,000 can reset their skill tree at any point

Alchemy Lab Winter Wonderland Event begins on November 30th, 2022

  • Gather ingredients and combine them for rewards
  • Chills and Thrills, Festive Bandit, Jack Frost, Sled Season, and Snow Master event equipment drops
  • Winter themed loading screen, fairy skins, and Chesterson skins

Helmet of Madness artifact enchantment

2x Crafting Shard Titan Chest Promotion

General Changes:

Removed Max Stage limit from Spell Selection

Moved Raid XP bonuses from stage progression to Milestones

  • Players will earn Raid XP in large quantities when reaching new milestones
  • Raid XP is removed from the prestige screen and isn’t rewarded for stage progress
  • Overall players will have a net neutral or increase in Raid XP as a result of these changes

New Reward Options for Clan Quests

  • Clan Quests can now offer rewards other than profile backgrounds
  • The Winter Wonderland event will offer Dust, Card, and Crafting Shard rewards

New Master Tier avatars added to differentiate each season’s avatars

Bug Fixes:

Fixed visual bugs with Avatar Frames

Fixed visual issue where Titan Lords could be slightly off-centre in raid attacks

Fixed issue where VIP players wouldn’t receive their rewards when closing a Fairy Ad with the Back button

Fixed some privacy policy language display issues

Fixed various game crashes

Fixed minor localization issues

Fixed minor visual issues

Various minor performance optimizations

Thank you for reading!    

Happy Tapping! 


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