DevUpdate #84: Recipe for Success

November 18, 2022

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Last week we discussed some quality-of-life improvements related to the skill tree. This week we’ll be delving deeper into the features of the 5.24.0 update, including the new equipment sets and a brand-new event. Let’s get into it!

In the 5.24.0 update, we’ll be releasing a new event with a brand-new way to play the game. Players have enjoyed other events that temporarily add new gameplay for rewards, such as the Dungeon Eggsplorer and Global Raid events. Introducing the Alchemy Lab event! In Alchemy Lab, players will collect ingredients through daily tasks, and then can combine those ingredients to unlock new ingredients and special rewards.

Ingredients can be collected in a variety of ways, such as through your Daily Achievements, special daily collectible drops, video chests, and through combinations in the Alchemy Lab. All ingredients you collect will be stored in your inventory in the Alchemy Lab, and you can then combine them in the Alchemy Lab.

Combining ingredients will give you two benefits. The first is permanently unlocking the recipe for that combination, saving it into your handy Recipe Book so you’ll know what combinations you have and have not tried. Then you can also get various resource rewards through the combinations such as event currency, crafting shards, hero weapons, pets, dust, wildcards, unique cosmetics, and more. You may also get lucky and create new ingredients for more advanced recipes.

For example, say that I have a Leaf of the Golden Oak and a Sands of Ichor. Combining both of them together would give me the Waters of the Forbidden Deep. Once I have crafted that new ingredient, it will now be available as a possible option to collect when collecting new ingredients from my dailies, and I can now start to unlock more possible combinations and recipes that can give more rewards and new ingredients.

We look forward to having all our prospective Alchemists work together to discover all the recipes and focus on the rewards that you want to gain. All players will have the same recipes for their Recipe Book, so be sure to collaborate to help maximize your rewards! And remember to craft some event currency while you’re at it to help aim for those top badges!

We will also be introducing a new Legendary equipment set perfect for Alchemist players: the Plague Doctor. Plague Doctor will boost your Gold Gun Attack Rate, allowing your normal mode of Gold Gun to fire faster and help you defeat titans to gain charge for your Magnum Opus. Additionally, it’ll boost the primary effects of your Helmet Equipment, gaining more damage to shoot through the titans.

We also have two new Event equipment sets being introduced. The first one is the Mad Scientist, a special event set that can only be crafted by combining ingredients in the Alchemy Lab. This set will improve your Gold Gun Damage, as well as shows how you’ve mastered all the ingredients of the Alchemy Lab.

The second Event equipment set is the Gingerbread Master, a delectable set that boosts your Tap Damage.

I hope everyone is excited to get their hands on some ingredients and start filling out their Recipe Books! Next week we’ll explore more of what’s to come in the 5.24.0 update, including some changes to Raid XP.

Happy Tapping!


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