DevUpdate #83: Slots with Skill

November 11, 2022

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Today will have both the patch notes for the full list of changes coming during the Master Tier seasonal reset, and then also the first DevUpdate to get us our sneak peek at what’s coming in the 5.24.0 update. Let’s get into it! Serverside Patch Notes

We will be releasing two new raid cards on November 15th.

New Tier 2 Burst Raid Card: Celestial Static

  • Tap on Body parts to generate one charge per tap
  • Tap on Armored parts to expend eight charge per tap to deal Burst damage
  • Maximum capacity of 100 charge at any given time
  • For a rough idea of balance, Celestial Static will deal approximately 4.27% more damage than Flak Shot at equal card levels.

New Tier 1 Burst Raid Card: Mirror Force

  • Tap to deal Burst damage to the tapped part
  • Increases in damage by 1% per players who have used Mirror Force in the previous raid attack cycle, up to a maximum of 35 players
  • Animation will indicate the current boost of Mirror Force
  • For a rough idea of balance, Mirror Force will deal approximately 5.2% less damage than Chain of Vengeance with no boosts active and at equal card levels
  • For a rough idea of balance, Mirror Force will deal approximately 28% more damage than Chain of Vengeance at max boosts active and at equal card levels Serverside Patch Notes

All these changes will be pushed out on November 18th after the Master Tier season has ended.

General Changes:

Body Damage Cursed Armor

  • Lowers your damage against Body parts when the Cursed Armor is present
  • -6% Body Damage per Cursed Armor
  • Break the Cursed Armor to remove the curse debuff
  • Added to the existing Cursed Armor pools alongside Burst Damage and Affliction Damage curses as a possible option

Rescaled Master Tier HP Scaling

  • In general, the HP difference between each raid will be lower
  • Players who previously reached around Master Tier level 20 may now reach closer to Master Tier level 40
  • Players who previously reached around Master Tier level 50 may now reach closer to Master Tier level 80

Acid Drench:

  • Base damage increased by 1.79%

Decaying Strike:

  • Max stacks raised from 4 to 5

Flak Shot:

  • Base damage decreased by 5.1%
  • Richochet damage increased by 14.95%

Fusion Bomb:

  • Base damage increased by 2.56%

Grim Shadow:

  • Base damage decreased by 8%
  • Affliction chance increased from 8% to 9%

Inspiring Force:

  • Base damage increased by 6.2%

Insanity Void:

  • Base damage decreased by 14.95%
  • Damage per Exposed Body Part increased by 6.64%
  • Overall, this will have the same maximum damage as before, but help keep Insanity Void stronger at higher exposed parts


  • Base damage increased by 1.77%

Thriving Plague:

  • Base damage decreased by 2%
  • Damage per Afflicted Part increased from 10% to 11%

Totem of Power:

  • Base damage increased by 1.5%
  • Totem duration decreased from 2.5 seconds to 2 seconds
  • Totem Fairy Cooldown decreased from 0.8 seconds to 0.66 seconds

Whip of Lightning:

  • Base damage increased by 1.74%

Added Insanity Void as a possible option in Burst World solo raid decks

Added Totem of Power as a possible option in Affliction World solo raid decks

Bug Fixes:

Fixed bugs where Lojak and Takedar titan lords could appear in Daily Farming Portals of Solo Raid Burst Worlds

Fixed bugs where Klonk and Priker titan lords could appear in Daily Farming Portals of Solo Raid Affliction Worlds

Now to get into the upcoming changes in the 5.24.0 update! 5.24.0 has two main focuses. The first are quality of life improvements being made to the skill tree, which we will be talking about today. The second is a new way of playing Tap Titans 2, which we will discuss next week. Let’s get into it!

Right now, players with a lot of skill points can find it difficult to make smaller changes to their skill tree due to the need to fully reset their skill tree. In the 5.24.0 update, we will allow players to subtract skill points from skills at any point. You can change your skills as you see fit, and then when you’ve made all your changes, you can apply them and be charged the Skill Tree Reset Token or diamonds. This will allow for easier updates to an existing skill tree. Players will still have the option to clear their skill tree if they want to start over fresh.

New players tend to be the ones who will rework their skill tree most often. To help smooth out new player experiences, all players under stage 10000 will be able to change their skill tree at any point. For players above stage 10000, the 96% Max Stage limit will still apply.

Similarly, we are removing the Max Stage limit for all players when selecting spells to help smooth out those skill tree changes.

Lastly, we are adding skill tree Skill Slots. You can think of these as save files for your skill tree, where you can save a set of skill tree levels to a Skill Slot, and then choose to load your Skill Slot and have it overwrite your current skill tree. Players will have two Skill Slots as a base value, and players with VIP tier 1 or above will gain an additional Skill Slot. Skill Slots will be disabled in Abyssal Tournaments.

I hope that everyone is excited for all the changes coming with the Master Tier seasonal reset, as well as the next major update. We’ll be delving deeper into what’s coming with the 5.24.0 update next week, including discussing the new way to play Tap Titans 2. See you next Friday!

Happy Tapping!


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