DevLog #124 : Version 5.26.0 Patch Notes

February 10, 2023

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Version 5.26.0 will be releasing this upcoming Tuesday the 14th. This update is focused on additions and balance to skill tree and raiding, as well as some quality of life improvements. Read all about the changes below!

New Content:

New Terrifying Pact Tier 5 Sorcerer Skill

  • All Gold bonus when Forbidden Contract is active
  • All Damage bonus when Royal Contract is active
  • -10 Titan Reduction bonus per level when any contract is active

New Skillful Trickster Legendary Set

  • +10% All Damage per Skill Point
  • x20 Jackpot Gold

Raid Season Card Boosts

  • During a Master Tier season, certain cards will get a boost in level for all Clan Raid attacks
  • Card boosts will be only available to players over Raid Level 50
  • Card levels will show as (Base Level + Boosted Level)
  • Boosted cards cannot exceed the regular level cap

Master Tier Season 3 Card Boosts

  • +20 levels to Celestial Static
  • +20 levels to Mirror Force
  • +10 levels to Rancid Gas

Tiny Titan Tree and Helm of Hermes artifact enchantments

Prestige Event begins on February 15th, 2023

  • Up to 99 daily prestiges for event currency per day
  • The Heartbreaker, Sweets and Treats, Heartly Queen, and Love Struck event equipment drops

2x Crafting Shard Titan Chest Promotion

General Changes:

Raid Level Milestone Bundles added for Raid Level 500 and 600

Modified Video Ad Chest rewards

  • Guaranteed equipment in each chest
  • Odds of other rewards adjusted to maintain roughly similar overall rewards

Raid Card Balance Changes

Acid Drench

  • +0.92% Damage

Blazing Inferno

  • Base Chance increased from 5% to 10%
  •  Bonus Chance decreased from 3% to 2%
  •  Overall, this will lead to a small increase in damage by frontloading the ability to gain Affliction stacks

Celestial Static

  • +0.87% Damage

Chain of Vengeance

  • +1% Damage

Grasping Vines

  • +2% Damage

Skeletal Smash

  • Base Damage increased +7.25%
  • Bonus Damage decreased by -12.61%
  • Overall damage will be roughly equal when a skeletal part is exposed

Solo Raid Deck Changes

Removed Thriving Plague and Fusion Bomb from Grasping Vine decks in normal worlds

Removed Fragmentize and Razor Wind from Skull Bash/Crushing Instinct decks in burst worlds

Removed Fragmentize from Moon Beam/Crushing Instinct decks in burst worlds

Removed Fusion Bomb from Maelstrom/Rancid Gas decks in affliction worlds

Removed Fusion Bomb and Blazing Inferno from Maelstrom/Inspiring Force decks in affliction worlds

Skill Tree Balance Changes

Anchoring Shot

  •  Increased Clan Ship Splash Skip from +4 to +6 per level

Auric Shot

  •  Removed All Gold bonus
  • Increased Gold Gun Damage

Chivalric Order

  •  Increased Tap Damage from Heroes Damage

Cleaving Strike

  •  Increased Critical Damage

Eternal Darkness

  • Increased Shadow Clone Splash Skip from +6 to +8 per level

Forbidden Contract

  • Mana Cost per Second decreased at lower levels from 1 mana per second to 0.3-1 mana per second
  • Scaled All Damage bonus to match the new mana costs

Lightning Burst

  • Increased Lightning Burst Damage

Master Thief

  • Increased All Gold bonus
  • Removed Jackpot Gold bonus

Pet Evolution

  •  Increased Pet Damage

Poison Edge

  •  Increased Dagger Splash Skip from +2 to +3 per level

Royal Contract

  • Mana Cost per Second decreased at lower levels from 0.25 mana per second to 0.14-0.25 mana per second
  • Scaled All Gold bonus to match the new mana costs

Summon Inferno

  • Increased Fire Sword Damage


  • Converted All Gold bonus into Jackpot Gold bonus

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a bug where players could join a clan prior to stage 100

Fixed an issue where the skill tree asterisk could display when a skill tree wasn’t changed

Fixed an issue where afflictions with hundreds of stacks wouldn’t display the numbers correctly

Fixed an issue where the Fairy Daily Achievement wouldn’t be counted correctly

Fixed issues where bundles could appear above the New Content panel after an update

Fixed various game crashes

Fixed minor localization issues

Fixed minor visual issues

Thank you for reading!    

Happy Tapping! 


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