DevUpdate #86: Terrific Boosts

February 3, 2023

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. With the 5.25 update fully released, we can now start to look forward to the next update. Master Tier season 2 is coming to a close, and so we’ll have some new raid changes and card rebalances to go alongside that. Additionally, we have some large changes coming to the skill tree in this update. Read all about it below!

With Master Tier season 3 and beyond, we want to add a new feature to help make each new Master Tier season feel distinct and different from one another, and have the seasons impact players who have not yet reached Master Tier. To this end, we will be introducing Seasonal Card Boosts, a feature where cards will have their levels increased for clan raid usage for the duration of the season. We will have three cards boosted each season for all players. For example, if you had a Mirror Force card at level 15 normally and the Seasonal Card Boost gave a +20 card level to Mirror Force, you’d be able to use a level 35 Mirror Force in your raids, but the cost to level it would still be at that level 15 cost. These boosts will only apply to clan raids, and will not impact your solo raids. Similarly, cards cannot be boosted higher than the max card level. We hope that this feature will make each new Master Tier season feel different, and have players branch out and explore new card options they may have not considered previously.

In addition to raids, we are also adding new things to the skill tree. We’ll be adding a new Tier 5 skill to the Sorcerer skill tree called Terrifying Pact. Terrifying Pact is a skill that enhances and bolsters your use of the Forbidden Contract and Royal Contract skills, and will only function when one of the contract skills is active. Forbidden Contract will gain a new All Gold bonus when active, and Royal Contract will gain a new All Damage bonus when active. Additionally, as long as any contract is active, Terrifying Pact will reduce the number of titans per stage. This will make Terrifying Pact extremely strong for players who may be lacking splash skip for their builds, as they will be able to use Terrifying Pact to trim down the number of titans they face.

Lastly, we have a new legendary set to show: Skillful Trickster. Skillful Trickster will increase your All Damage for every skill point you own, and additionally raise your Jackpot Gold. Overall this is a strong set to bolster your damage and gold for anyone who crafts it!

Thank you for reading! Next week we’ll get into more specifics on how we are updating balance of raid cards and skill tree, as well as some other smaller improvements to those systems.

Happy Tapping!


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