DevLog #143: Version 6.3.1 Patch Notes

October 6, 2023

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Version 6.3.1 will be releasing this upcoming Tuesday the 10th. Read all about it below!

For players who have lost some amount of power after the 6.3.0 update, the bug is with the Alpha Heart Blade sword equipment. This will be fixed in 6.3.1, but in the interim, please equip a different sword equipment, and then restart your game, and it should resolve your damage loss until 6.3.1 can fully fix this bug. Thank you for your patience!

Bug Fixes:

Fixed issues where Alpha Heart Blade could lower power when equipped until restarting the game

Fixed issue where Hierophant’s Library would not give the listed damage value

Fixed issue where Nightcrag Market’s description would visually reset the fairy count on prestige

Fixed issues where mementos could get out of sync and display errors

Fixed issues where Prestige to Apply and Prestige to Salvage buttons wouldn’t appear when pushing above your max stage

Fixed issues where players could be unable to join tournaments

Fixed issues where Relic Boosters were incorrectly visually displaying that they were at the maximum value

Fixed issues where players could see error 406 when prestiging very quickly

Fixed minor localization issues

Fixed minor visual issues

Happy Tapping! 


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