DevUpdate #103: Filled with Determination

October 13, 2023

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here! Today we’ll start to look towards the 6.4 update. 6.4.0 will have a focus on a mix of main game and raiding changes, and today we’ll be looking at some of the quality-of-life improvements being made to the main game and skill tree save slots. Let’s get into it!

To start, we are making changes to skill tree save slots to make it easier to collaborate with others and use community tools. To this end, we are adding a new Import and Export system to skill tree save slots, allowing you to easily share your skill tree builds with others, and easily apply skill trees made by other players to your save slots. These imports and exports will be done as strings saved to your clipboard, which means that community tools such as skill tree optimizers will also be able to generate these and make for easy importing from a community tool to your game. You’ll also similarly be able to export a skill tree save slot that was shared in clan chat and import it yourself.

As a few restrictions, you will be allowed to import a skill tree save slot that has more skill points applied than you actually own, but you will not be able to apply that save slot until you lower your save slot’s skill points below or equal to your owned total. You also will not be able to import an invalid build, such as missing prerequisite skills.

While we’re working on skill tree save slots, we’re also making changes to allow players to rename their save slots. Save slot names will not be transferrable as part of an export, but will be editable anytime for your own save slots.

We are making some tweaks to the titan counter. Currently it counts one by one up to your current titan count, which can sometimes lag behind when players have a very high Titan Skip and are bypassing titans very quickly. We are adding a new Titan Counter Animation option that will allow you to remove this animation and instantly have the titan counter display your current titan count. This can also help show the Leave Battle button faster for players who wish to leave boss fights and farm up special titans.

Lastly, we are making changes to the Stats panel to give more information about Silent March. We are adding two new stats, Current Silent March Time, and Max Silent March Time. Current Silent March Time will show the amount of inactive time required to reach your Silent March max stage from your current stage, and Max Silent March Time will display the amount of inactive time required to reach your Silent March max stage from your starting prestige stage. We hope that this will help clarify Silent March times and how changes to your Sneak Count can affect it!

Thank you for reading! Next week we’ll delve deeper into the changes being made in 6.4.0, including changes to raids and equipment.

Happy Tapping!


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