DevLog #149: Version 6.6.0 Patch Notes

January 19, 2024

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Version 6.6.0 will be releasing this upcoming Tuesday the 23rd. This update is focused on Transcendence changes, general game quality of life improvements, and improvements to the log-in system. Read all about it below!

New Content:              

Earthen Shepherd legendary equipment set

  • 20x Heart of Gold
  • 1.5x Legacy Pet Gold

Fierce Snowman event equipment set

  • 10x Tap Damage

Transcendence Season 3 begins on January 24th, 2024

  • Celestial Temples, Kingdom of the Arcanas, and Pirates of the Neverseas monuments

Transcendent Pets

  • Acquire them in free eggs every 30 minutes
  • Store up to 25 Transcendent Pet eggs at a time
  • Collect additional Transcendent Pets added into Pet video chests
  • Stronger than normal pets
  • Resets with each new Transcendence season
  • Improvement bonuses every 5 levels starting from level 5
  • Clang with an Armor Boost bonus
  • Scaly with an All Gold bonus
  • Snuggles with an All Hero Damage bonus
  • Chitter with a Tap Damage bonus
  • Daisy with a Jackpot Gold bonus
  • Quippy with a Helmet Boost bonus
  • Lullabye with an All Damage bonus
  • Lemon with a Critical Damage bonus
  • Watson with a Jackpot Gold bonus
  • Felix with an All Gold bonus

Monument Reworks

  • All monuments rebalanced
  • Temple of the Eternal Flame reworked from Active Pet Level Boost to Exotic Pet Damage
  • Freemana’s Hot Spring reworked from Mana Boost to All Damage per Season Day
  • Skyrent Valley reworked from Heavenly Strike Damage during Deadly Strike to Twilight Damage
  • Bridge of Eternal Balance reworked from Pet Damage per Prestige Tap to Trainer Boost (Fire Sword Damage, Tap Damage, and Pet Damage combined)

VIP Tier 6

  • 3750 VIP points to unlock
  • Auto-Upgrade Sword Master on Prestige
  • Auto-Upgrade Spells on Prestige

Prestige Winterfest event begins on January 24th, 2024

  • Prestige to gain additional event currency
  • Clan Quest giving Dust, Raid Card Fragments, and Crafting Shards
  • Chills and Thrills, Festive Bandit, Jack Frost, Gingerbread Master, Sled Season, and Snow Master event equipment drops
  • Winter themed loading screen, fairy skins, and Chesterson skins

2x Dust Titan Chest Promotion

General Changes:

Account Management Improvements

  • Google Play Games logins available on all Android devices
  • Added ability to log into a different account while logged into your current account
  • Added ability to unlink Google Play Games logins

Tap Titans 2 is now globally available on Google Play Games Beta for PC play

Tweaked artifact discovery costs for artifacts 50+

Added additional pet to tier 5 Silver Chest

Pet Reworks

  • Pets fall into either Damage or Support categories
  • Activate one damage and one support pet at a time
  • Ability to select which pet is visible
  • Active but non-visible pet will be the pet to appear when the Dual Pet spell is activated

Upgrade Max Talent Button

Transcendence Stats

  • Monuments Owned and Max Transcendence Stage on profile
  • Mementos this Season in Stats panel

Dynamic Highlighting of HUD Menu

  • Top icon should match the highest priority item at that point

Reworked Dagger Stage Skip with Targets to ensure the correct amounts of skip occur

Bug Fixes:

Fixed issues where equipment could have larger than intended bonuses

Fixed issues where event currency don’t visibly get rewarded when completing a Global Raid attack

Fixed various game crashes

Fixed minor localization issues

Fixed minor visual issues

Thank you for reading!    

Happy Tapping! 


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