DevUpdate #109: Shepherd in the Winter

January 12, 2024

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Today we’ll be continuing to explore what’s coming in the 6.6.0 update. Let’s get into it!

First off, we have a new legendary set coming with the 6.6.0 update: the Earthen Shepherd. Earthen Shepherd will help bolster your gold from your pets, both with a Heart of Gold bonus and boosting all Legacy Gold pet effects. With Earthen Shepherd, you’ll be rolling in gold!

We are also returning all our Winterfest event equipment sets, and bringing in the new Fierce Snowman equipment set as well. Fierce Snowman will boost your Tap Damage, helping you tap those titans even harder.

Next up, we have additional quality of life improvements to the game. We are changing the accordion menu on the left side of the screen to help dynamically highlight the icons that are most relevant to you. When this menu is minimized, we are making changes to specifically show the icon at the top that is most directly actionable. For example, if there is an active Tournament or Abyssal Tournament that you can join, this will be displayed at the top. Similarly, if you have rewards waiting to be collected for an event or a Transcendence milestone, that icon would display at the top. The goal of this change is that people will be less likely to miss out on joining tournaments/Abyssal Tournaments, and rewards can be collected as soon as they are available.

Lastly, we’ll have a few Transcendence changes.

The Celestial Temples monument category will be returning in Transcendence season 3, and with some changes to the effects of the monuments. We will be rebalancing all monuments to allow for better overall balance, but we are also directly reworking two monument effects.

Temple of the Eternal Flame previously boosted your Active Pet level, but with the new ability to have two active pets and the powerful Transcendence pets, this bonus on a monument ended up being far too strong regardless of how we balanced it. As a result, Temple of the Eternal Flame is being changed to give an Exotic Pet Damage bonus now.

Freemana’s Hot Springs previously gave a Mana Boost bonus, which was not very powerful as most players in Transcendence do not have issues with mana. We are changing this to give an All Damage per Season Day bonus instead, helping players gain in power each day Transcendence has been active to more smoothly progress.

In addition to these monument changes, we are also adding Transcendence stats to the player profile and the Stats panel. On the player profile, you will now be able to view the Max Transcendence stage, the highest stage a player has ever reached in Transcendence, as well as the number of monuments they’ve collected. On the stats panel, we’ll also have values such as Mementos Earned this Season available to view.

Thank you for reading! Next week we’ll continue to view more of the 6.6.0 update!

Happy Tapping!


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