DevUpdate #108: Balls of Fun

January 5, 2024

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. With the winter holidays past us, we can start to look forward to the 6.6.0 update on the horizon. 6.6.0 will have a lot of endgame changes for the new Transcendence season, as well as many quality of life improvements for all players. Let’s get into it!

Transcendence Season 3 will be looking to continue the trend of what Transcendence Season 2 added to help improve player daily growth to help ensure that players are not softwalled or stuck throughout the season. To do this, we are adding Transcendent Pets, new seasonal pets that are collected throughout the Transcendence season and reset when the Transcendence season ends.

Transcendent Pets will be stronger than normal pets with stronger scaling. They will be collected through additional free eggs that you earn similar to the normal free pet eggs, as well as bonuses in Video Chests and Titan Chests when they are unlocked at a similar rate to normal pets. Transcendent Pets will be displayed and equippable in the Pet tab, just with some slightly different colors to help differentiate them from regular pets.

Each Transcendence season will have ten Transcendent Pets available for use, and we will have more Transcendent Pets released in future Transcendence seasons. Let’s get into what each one does.

  • Clang gives an All Damage bonus.
  • Scaly gives a Critical Damage bonus.
  • Snuggles gives a Tap Damage bonus.
  • Chitter gives an All Hero Damage bonus.
  • Daisy gives a Helmet Boost bonus.
  • Quippy gives a Multiple Titan Gold bonus.
  • Lullabye gives a Boss Gold bonus.
  • Lemon gives a Fairy Gold bonus.
  • Watson gives an All Gold bonus.
  • Felix gives a Jackpot Gold bonus.

You can expect to collect these cuties starting with Transcendence season 3 and onwards!

Continuing with pets, we are making changes to how pets are classified. We’ll be adding a new Damage Pet and Support Pet classification to each pet to identify how they boost your power. Additionally, we are making changes to allow you to equip one Damage Pet and one Support Pet at once, thus removing any need to swap between damage and gold pets. This will be available for any player with 200 or more pet levels.

In general, any pet that boosts your damage directly will fall in the Damage Pet category, and all pets that boost your gold directly or exceptions like Fluffers (Mana Regeneration) and Xander (Sneak Count) will fall into the Support Pet classification.

Alongside this, we’ll have a “Swap” icon to let you swap which active pet will be your visible pet, and which pet is not normally visible unless you use the Dual Pet spell to reveal your second active pet.

Moving along, we are adding in a new VIP Tier 6 into the game. This VIP tier will be unlockable at 3750 VIP points, and will add two new quality of life improvements.

The first improvement is unlocking a new setting to automatically level up your Sword Master after you prestige. This would allow you to start tapping immediately and make your spells available for purchase.

The second improvement is unlocking a new setting to automatically level up your spells after you prestige.

For any players who have previously purchased, all your VIP points will still be available and count towards unlocking the new VIP tier 6.

Lastly, we are making improvements to the talents to allow players to more easily max out their talents. When levelling up your talents, there will now be a Max Level button that will appear to help you more quickly level up your talents, similar to how spell level-ups will work.

Thank you for reading! Next week we’ll get deeper into what’s coming in the 6.6.0 update, including more improvements to pets and the Stats panel.

Happy Tapping!


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