DevLog #151: Version 6.7.0 Patch Notes

February 9, 2024

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Version 6.7.0 will be releasing this upcoming Tuesday the 13th. This update is focused on new equipment sets and large back-end changes to improve performance and lower errors and crashes. Read all about it below!

New Content:              

The Great Traveller Mythic Equipment Set

  • 1.00005x All Damage per Max Stage
  • 1.5x All Damage per Monument Owned
  • 2.4408x Prestige Mementos

Astral Explorer Legendary Equipment Set

  • Auto-Warlord Quick Time Events
  • 1.4x All Gold per Card Level

Solo Screamer Event Equipment Set

  • 10x Shadow Clone Damage

Dungeon Eggsplorer Rockstar Event begins on February 14th, 2024

  • Collect Pets to explore the Dungeon
  • New Dungeon avatar and avatar frame
  • Heartly Queen, Love Struck, Rock Queen, Sweets and Treats, The Heartbreaker, and The Rockstar event equipment drops

2x Crafting Shard Titan Chest Promotion

General Changes:

Skip Chest animation button

Bug Fixes:

Fixed various performance issues

Fixed various caching issues that could cause desyncs, such as losing corrupted diamonds or getting a 409 error in solo worlds

Fixed various game crashes

Fixed minor localization issues

Fixed minor visual issues

Thank you for reading!    

Happy Tapping! 


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