DevUpdate #110: Equip the Next Season

February 2, 2024

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Today we’ll both be looking into some of what’s coming in the 6.7.0 update, as well as also in what’s releasing this Master Tier Season 7. Let’s get into it!

6.7.0 will be an update largely focused on optimizations and other back-end improvements to the game’s internal code base. While many of these changes will not be player-facing, a bulk of these changes will help improve performance for the game, optimize the game to lower required resources, and improve response times server side.

In addition to these optimization changes, our artists have also been cooking up lots of new equipment sets to be released, including our first new mythic set of 2024.

Transcendent Deity is our new mythic equipment set. This mythic set is themed more around Transcendence, and while it will be attainable with random equipment drops, it will only be craftable for players who have entered Transcendence. The set will have three bonuses. The first is an All Damage bonus based on your max stage, so the higher your stage, the stronger you will be. Secondly, it will give an All Damage bonus per owned Monument, boosting your damage as you progress through the Transcendence season. And lastly, to help you unlock those monuments, it will increase all Prestige Mementos, similar to how other mythic sets will increase your prestige relics.

Additionally, we have a new legendary equipment set, the Astral Explorer. The Astral Explorer set is a new equipment set design that offers some automation of existing quick-time events. When you’ve completed Astral Explorer, the Astral Awakening, Coordinated Offensive, and Thunder Volley skills will automatically activate when available, helping automate all the Warlord skills. This will be a setting you can toggle in your Options panel if you want to still manually activate these skills. Additionally, Astral Explorer will also have an All Gold per Owned Card Level bonus to help give additional power when you’ve completed this set.

Lastly, we are returning the Rockstar event, which will bring all the event equipment sets that can help you rock out. We are also adding in a new event equipment set, the Solo Screamer. Solo Screamer will increase your Shadow Clone Damage, helping raise up your power as you get your jam on.

Master Tier Season 7

Master Tier Season 7 will begin on February 4th, 2024 at midnight UTC. All balance changes listed below will go live after Master Tier Season 6 ends.

Boosted Card Levels during Season

  • +15 Blazing Inferno
  • +15 Ruinous Rain
  • +15 Team Tactics

Card Reworks

  • Acid Drench affliction damage increased by +2%
  • Celestial Static burst damage increased by +2%
  • Corrosive Bubbles affliction damage increased by 7.5%
  • Corrosive Bubbles pop multiplier decreased from 27x to 25x
  • Fusion Bomb affliction damage increased by +1%
  • Fusion Bomb duration lowered from 2.2 seconds to 2 seconds
  • Grim Shadow affliction damage increased by +2%
  • Moon Beam burst damage decreased by -1%
  • Purifying Blast burst damage decreased by -1%
  • Radioactivity affliction damage increased by +2%
  • Ravenous Swarm affliction damage increased by +1%
  • Skull Bash burst damage decreased by -1%
  • Whip of Lightning burst damage increased by +1%

Master Tier Fast Completion Bonus Change

  • Completing a raid in 3 cycles skip increased from 6 to 7 extra clan raid levels

Thank you for reading! Next week we’ll get deeper into the 6.7.0 update, including some of the improvements made to the base game.

Happy Tapping!


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