DevLog #155: Version 6.8.2 Patch Notes

March 29, 2024

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Today we have a double feature, both containing the 6.8.2 patch notes for the upcoming hotfix update, as well as also continuing to reveal more of what’s to come in the 6.9.0 update. This will primarily be about the new Transcendence changes and a new feature being added via website. Let’s get into it!

6.8.2 Hotfix

The 6.8.2 hotfix update will be released on March 30th, although this will be dependent on app store approvals and may be delayed due to the holiday weekend if the app stores do not approve in a timely fashion.

Bug Fixes

Fixed issues where Amplify could increase power of cards in Solo Raids in unintended ways

Fixed issues where Amplify’s level boost would incorrectly display on the attack summary screens

Fixed issues where Amplify’s level sharing would not correctly apply to cards that have seasonal level boosts

Added additional logging to help track down certain issues that have been harder to fully fix

6.9.0 DevUpdate

Season 3 of Transcendence will be ending soon, and with Season 4 of Transcendence coming shortly after. There are a few changes coming to generally help improve the quality of Transcendence moving forward.

Transcendent Pets will now receive improvement bonuses every 5 levels starting from level 5 and up. We originally planned for Transcendent Pets to work in this fashion, but due to some visual issues pertaining to the bonuses, we had to delay this until Season 4 where we’ll have these issues fixed.

Monument Damage will be seeing an increase in overall damage as you level up your monuments, helping players progress further than before in the season.

Equipment that are randomly dropped, crafted, or purchased will now use your Max Transcendence Stage rather than your current Max Prestige Stage for players in Transcendence. This will ensure that all equipment you receive are useful for the full duration of the season, rather than just at the end of the season when you can reach or exceed your prior Max Transcendence Stage.

Each season of Transcendence will have three monument categories and ten Transcendent Pets. For Season 4, we will have the Celestial Temples, Journey of the Vipers, and Kingdom of the Arcanas monument categories active. As for Transcendent Pets, we are adding in five new Transcendent Pets.

Brushleaf will have an All Damage bonus.

Clawsette will have an Aura Boost bonus.

Owlivia will have a Slash Boost bonus.

Sandy will have a Jackpot Gold bonus.

Sonara will have an All Gold bonus.

Additionally, Clang, Chitter, Daisy, Scaly, and Snuggles will be returning for Season 4 as well.

Lastly, we are reworking the Ancient Origin of the Vipers monument. Previously it had a Dagger Damage per Day bonus, but we are reworking it to instead have a Critical Damage per Day bonus to ensure that all builds will have powerful pushing abilities with the three available monuments that scale each day.

Lastly, we are happy to announce that TT2 is getting its own web shop. With the recent results of the court cases against Google and Apple, GameHive is now able to offer additional payment methods that will not need to pay a 30% cut to the app stores, and thus can offer much better deals as we can pass off those savings back to you. To do this, we’ve partnered with XSolla.

In addition to having generally cheaper prices for your purchases, the web shop will also offer new web shop specific bundles that are refreshed daily, weekly, and monthly depending on the bundle type. The exact contents of these bundles will be revealed later in the full patch notes, but we plan on having bundle types dedicated towards both main game resources as well as raid resources.

Any resources purchased via the web shop will appear in-game in your inbox for collection.

Thank you for reading! We really value community feedback about the changes we are making, so please let us know how you feel about these changes, or send us any suggestions about what you’d like to see in a future update.

Happy Tapping!


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