DevLog #153: Version 6.8.0 Patch Notes

March 8, 2024

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Version 6.8.0 will be releasing this upcoming Tuesday the 12th. This update is focused on new raid cards and raid changes, as well as some improvements to skipping and tournament matchmaking. To note, the new raid cards will be releasing two weeks after the update, but we will still be mentioning them here in these patch notes. Read all about it below!

New Content:              

Buntron-XT-7 Legendary Set

  • 1.5x Pet Damage per Day
  • Pet Damage per Day caps at 1e20
  • Automatic Flash Zip Skill Activations

Radiant Kaleidoscope Support Raid Card

  • Will release two weeks after the 6.8.0 update
  • Burst Damage bonus if an Affliction card is present in deck
  • Affliction Damage bonus if a Burst card is present in deck
  • Enforces 1 burst, 1 affliction, 1 support deckbuilding

Amplify Affliction Raid Card

  • Will release two weeks after the 6.8.0 update
  • 16% Affliction Chance
  • 6 second Affliction Duration
  • Affliction Damage
  • 10% level sharing to other cards in your deck, rounding up
  • Level sharing will display similarly to the seasonally boosted card levels

Transcendent Pet Titan Chest Promotion

  • Adds Transcendent pets to a titan chest when the promo is active
  • Transcendent pet promos will be run at the end of Transcendence seasons
  • Transcendent pet promos will run outside of the usual promo per update cycle and will not be replacing the existing promo types

Alchemy Lab event begins on March 13, 2024

  • Gather ingredients and combine them for rewards
  • Defender of the Egg event equipment drops

4x Skill Point Titan Chest Promotion

General Changes:

Raid Card Level Reworks

  • Level cap increased from 80 to 100
  • Smoothed level-ups for greater gains per individual level-up
  • Breakpoints every 10 levels for slightly higher efficiency than a usual level-up
  • Additional improved scaling for level 60+ cards

Clan Ship shots given the Full Skip property so they can skip when hitting non-boss titans

Heavenly Strike attacks given the Full Skip property so they can skip when hitting non-boss titans

Anchoring Shot Clan Ship stage skip lowered at higher levels

  • Exact amounts vary by level, but at most stage skip is lowered by 30%

Solo Raid Deck Reworks

  • Decks overhauled completely for normal worlds, no armor worlds, and affliction worlds
  • Decks minorly overhauled for burst worlds

Solo Raid Reward Reworks

  • Increased card fragment drops for higher solo raid world farming portals
  • All cases where a card fragment drop would be replaced by a wildcard when moving up in worlds will now instead just add a wildcard drop while leaving the card fragments unchanged
  • Added Amplify and Radiant Kaleidoscope to solo raid decks two weeks after 6.8.0 is released to coincide with the release of the new cards

Mohaca removed from Burst Worlds in Solo Raids

Tightened tournament matchmaking

  • Changes will be more noticeable for players currently in Transcendence

Milestone Bundle Reset

  • Allows all milestone bundles to be repurchased

Optimized Server Infodocs for faster processing

Added Transcendent Pet counts to Player Profile

Bug Fixes:

Fixed an issue causing the avatar selector panel to appear when opening the edit player panel

Fixed various game crashes

Fixed minor localization issues

Fixed minor visual issues

Thank you for reading!    

Happy Tapping! 


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