DevUpdate #112: Amplify the Radiance

March 1, 2024

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Last week we went over some of the main game changes coming in 6.8.0, and this week we’re primarily looking at the raid changes coming. Let’s get into it!

To start, we are making changes to how raid cards scale and level-up. Currently, raid card level-ups increase your damage by a somewhat variable rate with each individual level-up, and there are specific card breakpoints that give a large increase in card effect compared to a normal level-up. We are changing this to instead have a smoother bonus per level. Overall, this will mean that the amount you gain with each individual level-up will be more consistent and at any given card level, players will have their raid cards with similar or greater overall power than before. We are aware that many players like the card breakpoints that existed before, and we are boosting every tenth level-up bonus to be stronger than a standard level-up, which helps give goals for people to aim for when levelling up their cards. Lastly, we are improving the scaling of new card levels for cards of level 60 and above, which should ensure that the dust players spend on their strongest cards continues to be valuable.

In addition to these scaling changes above, we are also raising the raid card level cap from level 80 to level 100. This will both help with ensuring that players with high levels can continue to level up their cards and benefit from seasonal card bonuses, but also will benefit from another of our upcoming features that can raise your card levels up higher.

We are introducing two new raid cards to the game. These cards have a general theme of deck synergy, and carefully selecting your cards in decks containing these new cards will help you maximize your power. These cards will release two weeks after the 6.8.0 update.

The first of these cards is Amplify, a new Affliction card. Amplify will deal affliction damage to the parts you afflict it on, and will require 2-3 parts to maximize your damage, although you could hit additional parts if desired. The special feature of Amplify is that Amplify will share part of its card level to the other cards in your deck. 10% of Amplify’s level will be added to your other cards in the deck, rounded up. For example, if I have a level 31 Amplify, Whip of Lightning, and Team Tactics, Amplify would raise the power of the Whip of Lightning and Team Tactics cards up +4 levels to level 35 cards. This is also our first card where the power of the card continues to increase even more the higher the card level!

The second of these cards is Radiant Kaleidoscope, a new Support card. Radiant Kaleidoscope will increase your Burst Damage if you have an affliction card in your deck, and will raise your Affliction Damage if you have a burst card in your deck. To maximize this, you’ll want to have a deck with one Affliction, one Burst, and Radiant Kaleidoscope. Cards like Whip of Lightning and Purifying Blasts are very strong candidates to be paired with Radiant Kaleidoscope as they already require both a burst and an affliction card to maximize their effects.

As part of the addition to these new raid cards, we’ll also be modifying solo raid decks both to add in the new cards, as well as generally rework the decks to better fit the modern context of raid cards and deckbuilding. We’ll be looking for further suggestions about these deck changes when they are made, so please let us know if you see any decks that you would like changed.

Lastly, let’s look at the new equipment set being added in this update. We have the Buntron-XT-7, a new Legendary equipment set. Buntron will increase your Pet Damage per Day, helping you deal more damage over time, and hitting a cap at about 150 days elapsed. Additionally, Buntron is the second of our automation equipment sets, and will automate your Flash Zip activated skill. Rather than needing to tap your pet when it glows, they will now automatically activate. This is toggleable in your Options panel, so you can disable the automation if you so desire.

Thank you for reading! Next week we’ll continue to explore the 6.8.0 update, including some changes related to milestone bundles.

Happy Tapping!


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