DevUpdate #111:Full Tilt Promos

February 23, 2024

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Today we’ll start to talk about the 6.8.0 update. This update will be heavily raid focused, but we’ll save those changes for next week to discuss and instead focus on a few of the main game related changes for this week. Let’s get into it!

To start, we’re going to make some changes to build balance to help smooth out the skip flow of builds. First off, Heavenly Strike had an issue where tapping Twilight Fairies could get you placed onto a non-boss titan, which could slow you down rather than speeding you up. To rectify this, we are changing Heavenly Strike attacks to have Full Skip, which will allow you to skip through stages even when attacking a non-boss titan. Similarly, Clan Ship had a similar issue where your clan mate from the Coordinated Offensive skill could have your Clan Ship shots fail to skip multiple stages due to being on a non-boss titan, so we are also giving Clan Ship shots the full skip property.

We will be rebalancing the skill tree to ensure that these builds remain balanced after these skip changes are made, so that they should have net neutral or slightly faster prestige speeds overall.

Next up, we are modifying Titan Chest promotions to add a new promotion. At the end of each Transcendence season, we will now be running a Transcendent pet promo that adds many additional Transcendent pets into the titan chest. These Transcendent pet promos will run outside of the normal promo cycle, and thus will not interfere with any of the “standard” Crafting Shard, Skill Point, or Dust promos that we would release with a major update. With this, we hope that players have additional opportunities to push at the end of a Transcendence season to get as high of a final max stage as possible!

Thanks for reading! Next week we’ll get into some of the major changes we’re bringing to clan raids, so be sure to check back next Friday!

Happy Tapping!


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