DevLog #159: Version 6.10.0 Patch Notes

May 3, 2024

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Version 6.10.0 will be releasing this upcoming Tuesday the 7th. This update is focused on Unique crafting, a new VIP talent, and many general improvements. Read all about it below!

New Features:

Elixir Slinger legendary equipment set

  • 1.5x Gold Gun Damage per Day
  • No Gold Drain for Magnum Opus

New VIP4 Perk

  • Automatically update talent levels

Global Raid event begins on May 8th, 2024

  • Attack the Global Raid for event currency
  • Combo Breaker and Digital Idol event equipment drops
  • Clan quest with dust, raid cards, and crafting shards

2x Crafting Shard Titan Chest Promotion

General Changes:

Added Crafting for already discovered Unique equipment

  • Unlocked at crafting power 10 or above
  • Craft any already discovered Unique equipment
  • 150 shards per craft

Added Skip button to Transcendent Pet unlock animations

Increased dust and raid card rewards for Global Raid events

Bug Fixes:

Fixed multiple visual issue where equipment levels would not display correctly

Fixed issue where skip stats wouldn’t correctly display

Fixed issue where Amplify would not be usable in Solo Raids when seasonally boosted

Fixed issue where certain bundle popups would not be correctly removed

Fixed issue where salvaging would require reaching a certain stage to prestige and salvage

Fixed visual issues where player profiles were clickable outside of the Ultra Tournament panel

Fixed some issues where bundle purchases would not reward the correct rewards

Fixed various game crashes

Fixed minor localization issues

Thank you for reading! As a reminder, you can view our web store for some free diamonds, dust, raid cards, and good deals on various bundles.    

Happy Tapping! 


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