DevUpdate #115: Season and Shopping

April 26, 2024

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here! Today we have a triple feature of a DevUpdate. First, we’ll be covering the balance changes being made for Master Tier Season 8. Secondly, we have full details about the release of our web shop that is live now! And finally, we have some additional teasers for the 6.10 update. Let’s get into it!

Master Tier Season 8

Master Tier Season 8 will be officially going live on April 28th, 2024. All the below changes will be going live sometime today.

Boosted Card Levels during Season

  • +20 Amplify levels
  • +20 Radiant Kaleidoscope levels
  • +10 Insanity Void levels

Card Reworks

  • Celestial Static gains +7% burst damage
  • Chain of Vengeance gains +3% burst damage
  • Corrosive Bubbles gains +5% Bubble Pop Multiplier
  • Decaying Strike gains +3% affliction damage
  • Flak Shot gains +5% burst damage
  • Grim Shadow gains +5% affliction damage
  • Skeletal Smash gains +3% skeleton armor bonus

Raid Area Bonus Reworks

  • Affliction Duration area bonus increased from +40% to +50%
  • Armor Damage area bonus removed
  • Body Damage area bonus removed
  • Head Damage area bonus removed
  • Limb Damage area bonus removed
  • Torso Damage area bonus removed
  • All removed area bonuses replaced with existing bonuses

Web Shop

The web shop is officially live as of today, and you can access it now at The web shop has changed a bit between when we last discussed it and today for the official release, so let’s get into what it has to offer.

  • Log in using your TT2 email and password to associate your purchases with your account
  • Any purchases made will be sent to your in-game inbox for collection, and will give you additional VIP points
  • Web Shop will offer 15% greater resources for the same purchase price for all diamond packs and bundles
  • Free 50 diamond offer resetting weekly on Mondays
  • Free 500 dust and 20 raid card offer resetting weekly on Thursdays
  • Four additional paid weekly bundles offering a variety of resources
  • Three paid monthly bundles offering a large variety of resources

If you make a purchase and it doesn’t immediately show up, restarting your game is a good way to help resync things and have your resources show up!

We’ll be periodically updating the contents of the web shop to offer new deals to players, so be sure to check back for those free weekly offers and to see if there’s any new deals available. Also, as we are not allowed to add links to the web shop directly in-game due to Google/Apple’s rules, we’ll be including the link to the web shop in future DevLogs in case you forget where to find it.

6.10 Teasers

With all that exciting stuff being released today out of the way, we can start to look ahead to what’s coming in the next update. We’re still working on some large behind the scenes changes, so today we’ll just be looking at the new legendary set with a unique effect.

Welcome to the Elixir Slinger, a new legendary set. Elixir Slinger will increase your Gold Gun Damage per Day after crafting the set up to a cap of 1e20. However, what’s really special is the second effect of this set. When using Magnum Opus in a Gold Gun build, your gold will drain over time when you activate Magnum Opus, which can make it harder to level your heroes until Magnum Opus wears off. With the Elixir Slinger set, Magnum Opus will not drain your gold anymore. It will still use the same “charge” mechanics to help fill up the Magnum Opus meter by collecting gold, but now you’ll be able to level your heroes and collect meaningful gold while progressing with Magnum Opus. Talk about a scam in your favor!

Thanks for reading! I hope that you enjoyed today’s post, and we’re happy to finally have the web shop launched so we can offer better value for purchasers going forward. Next week we’ll be discussing the remainder of the 6.10 update, so be sure to check back next Friday!

Happy Tapping!


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