DevUpdate #113: Remake the Unrepeatable

April 19, 2024

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Today we’ll start to look ahead towards the 6.10 update and what is to come. 6.10 will be a smaller update in terms of content, as we are continuing work on some foundational pieces for future updates that I’ll be happy to talk about when the time is right. Still, let’s get into some 6.10 features today.

To start, we are going to be changing crafting to allow the recrafting of Unique equipment. Unlocked at crafting power 10, any previously discovered Unique equipment can be crafted for 150 crafting shards. We hope that this helps make unique equipment more accessible for players who want to get the perfect secondary bonuses for their uniques.

6.10 will also be introducing a new VIP benefit for VIP4 and above players. VIP4 players will now have the ability to auto-level their talents when a new level is available, rather than needing to manually upgrade their talents.

Thanks for reading! This week was a shorter post, but we’ll have a lot more next week as we both look into the changes coming for Master Tier season 8 and more of what’s to come with 6.10.

Happy Tapping!


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