DevLog #163: Version 6.11.2 Patch Notes

July 5, 2024

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Version 6.11.2 released late yesterday to help prepare for the next Transcendence season. We’ll first go through a list of the changes released, and then afterwards go through more of the changes upcoming in the 7.0 update about the Necrobear and their forbidden research. Read all about it below!

6.11.2 Patch Notes

General Changes:

Transcendence Season 5 will begin July 9th, 2024

  • Celestial Temples, Journey of the Vipers, and Pirates of the Neverseas monument categories
  • Red Water Wreckage reworked from Cannon Damage per Season Titan to Jackpot Gold per Season Day
  • All uncapped Pirates of the Neverseas monuments rebalanced to have stronger monument damage to match the other monument categories
  • The Great Traveller mythic set Memento Boost changed to a static 1e10x Prestige Memento Boost (equivalent roughly to Crafting Power 282)
  • Brushleaf, Clang, Clawsette, Daisy, Lemon, Lullabye, Owlivia, Quippy, Sandy, and Sonara available for use as Transcendent Pets

Deployed cosmetic resources to allow for future serverside event enablement

Bug Fixes:

Fixed issue where unique equipment were not being correctly rewarded in Abyssal Tournament starting inventories 

Fixed various additional game crashes

Fixed minor localization issues

Fixed minor visual issues

7.0 DevUpdate

Now that we’ve gone through 6.11.2, it’s time to refocus on the upcoming larger 7.0 update. In previous weeks we’ve discussed how the Sword Master will be able to collect titan souls from fallen titans as they progress through stages, and how they can spend those titan souls by giving them to the Necrobear to summon helpful baby titans to boost up their power. Today we’ll show further how continuing to fuel the Necrobear’s desires for souls can continue to benefit you.

As you continue to give souls to the Necrobear, the Necrobear will slowly regain their powers. This will cumulate in them gaining a Necrobear level, which will have two effects. One is that the Necrobear will be more likely to purify souls into rarer titans, helping you complete your collection and continue to level them up further. However, the more powerful change is that each Necrobear level will also give you a Forbidden Research point.

Forbidden Research is similar to a skill tree, where you start at the bottom and slowly work your way through unlocking new powerful abilities to help increase your power. Some nodes in the Forbidden Research may help you accrue more titan souls and at a faster rate, others may help increase your damage and gold while progressing through the main game, and other nodes will even help increase your raid damage when fighting the titan lords.

Nodes will be unlocked when their prerequisite notes have been fully completed. This means that you will be able to select from the branching paths, but also will eventually need to complete the other paths in order to move higher up through the research tree. And you’ll need to continue feeding souls to the Necrobear to help increase your Necrobear level and unlock more Forbidden Research points. No matter how lucky you are when you are purifying souls, it will all count towards unlocking more permanent power from the Forbidden Research.

In addition to the above, we received a lot of feedback about the banner system when summoning titans. As a result, we will also be adding a Generic banner that has equal rates for all titans of the same rarity for players who do not want to commit to a specific build type. Thank you for all the feedback prior to the 7.0 update, and we will continue to listen to the playerbase to help improve the game as much as possible! 

Thank you for reading! Next week we’ll be looking at some quality of life additions being added in 7.0, including ways to help summon titans very quickly and new methods of filtering.

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Happy Tapping! 


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