DevUpdate #120: Bear your Soul to Me

June 28, 2024

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Last week we started to look at the 7.0 major update coming with the collection of Titan Souls. This week we’ll look at how those Titan Souls can then be spent to help increase your power. Let’s get into it!

To start, we’ve made some changes to how Titan Souls will be collected based on player feedback. A lot of players pointed out that they wanted Silent March to be able to collect Titan Souls, and titan souls have now been changed so that they are collectible when clearing or bypassing a stage, rather than by directly defeating a titan. The Sword Master will now try to collect a Titan Soul from a fallen titan for every stage they pass through, which will ensure that our sneaky Silent March users can still collect their titan souls in a reasonable amount of time.

Now, onto the spending of Titan Souls. Titan Souls are a resource coveted by the mysterious Necrobear, who has an endless hunger for more titan souls. The Necrobear will take the titan souls given and purify them, returning them to a state that’s purer and more able to help out the Sword Master on their adventures.

When going to the Necrobear, players will be able to directly convert their titan souls into purified baby titans. Depending on which titan the soul was collected from, players will get a variety of different titans found in each location, and each purified titan will give a bonus to help boost up the Sword Master’s power. Some titans may give All Damage, All Hero Damage, or Tap Damage bonuses, whereas some rarer titans may give more complex boosts such as Gladiator Boost, Aviator Boost, or Paladin Boost. As best as we can tell, your titan tome has space to hold more than 100 different species of titans.

Purified titans will get stronger the more purified titan souls of their type you collect. When you have sufficient copies of a titan, you can combine them to increase that purified titan’s level and increase the boost that you receive. Titans of higher rarity are made of stronger stuff, and will take fewer overall copies to reach the next level and increase their boost.

When going to the Necrobear, players will be able to select one of six main builds to put their Titan Souls towards. This can help lower the odds of your souls from generating as purified titans that do not help that main build, and thus ensures that almost every titan soul you spend will be useful to you. For example, purifying souls under the banner of the Warlord will give you an increased chance of Hero Damage and Clan Ship Damage titans, but will also greatly lower the chances of Tap Damage or Shadow Clone Damage titans from appearing.

Lastly, in addition to giving the Necrobear souls you have found yourself, the Necrobear can also be bribed to purify some of their collection of titan souls for you. Players will be able to spend a small fee of diamonds to speed up how many titans they can purify, although titan souls will still be freely collectible each day.

Thank you for reading! Next week we’ll continue to explore the secrets of the Titan Souls and the Necrobear, including how forming a deeper relationship with the Necrobear can lead to more powerful results and them disclosing the secrets of their forbidden research.

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Happy Tapping!


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