DevUpdate #119: Soul of the Seven

June 21, 2024

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Today is when I can finally reveal the start of what we’ve been working on in secret over the last few updates in the background. The next update will officially be 7.0 due to the scope of the changes we will be making. This post will be going through the base of the new systems, and we’ll be showing how this will benefit players more in future DevUpdates. As this is a major content release, we expect that there will be a bit more time between updates than usual so we have time to work with our beta testers to streamline the balance of these changes.

On that note, beta tester submissions from the last DevUpdate are now officially closed, and we’ll be reaching out over Discord in the next couple days to invite some of the applicants to join the beta. Thank you to everyone who submitted a response. We look forward to your assistance!

Now let’s get into the 7.0 update!

7.0 will have you collecting a new currency whenever you defeat a titan. Harnessing new necromantic powers, the Sword Master will have a chance to harvest the souls of the fallen titans, stockpiling them over the course of a run and crystallizing them into a currency when you prestige. These titan souls will then be available for use to help increase your power and other abilities.

Titan Souls will begin to be harvested once you have reached stage 100,000, or if your account is 30 days or older. Now that Transcendence is in a good state, we plan on using titan souls and its related systems to help players start to bypass their softwalls and push much more quickly towards Transcendence.

Titan souls will be a daily collectible, where you will have a limit on how many souls you can harvest in a single day. This will help ensure that players are seeing increases in their power each day, making it more and more feasible to progress and aim to enter Transcendence, or make more progress within Transcendence once you’ve reached it.

While this is all I can share for this week, next week we’ll start to delve into the Titan Tome, and the mysterious bear who seems to crave the titan souls you’ve collected.

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Happy Tapping!


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