DevUpdate #118: Crafting Boxes

June 14, 2024

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Today will be a small post, and just announcing a few quality-of-life improvements being made to the game in the next update. Let’s get into it!

First off, we are changing Unique recrafting in Abyssal Tournaments to be available to players at any crafting level, rather than crafting level 10+. This will make it a bit easier to recraft unique equipment even if you aren’t spending all your corrupted diamonds on crafting shards.

In the last update, we expanded the hitbox of Titan Lord’s hands vertically downwards. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from players about this making it too easy to hit the hands by accident when hitting the legs, and we are making general changes to the hitboxes to help make each hitbox be more distinct. Overall, this will be making the legs, shoulders, and torso a bit easier to hit, and making the hands and head a bit smaller to give that space to the other parts. This change will also come alongside another one that will fix a long-standing problem in raids where taps and card activations could slightly desync on the border between part hitboxes, making hits more consistent overall. We hope to hear feedback about these changes once they go live, as well as our beta tester group.

On that note, we will be looking for additional beta testers, and have a few spots open. If you are not currently part of the beta and plan on actively testing and posting feedback with each new update, please fill out this form and you may be selected to help test out our updates for the future. As we have limited spots available, not everyone will be able to join, but we wanted to help extend this out. One last thing to note, but we coordinate our beta testing via Discord, so it will be required to have a Discord account in order to participate.  

Thank you for reading!

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Happy Tapping! 


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