DevUpdate #105: Scroll Through The Clans

November 10, 2023

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Today we’ll start to delve into the 6.5 update. The 6.5 update will have a focus on improving existing game systems, as well as simplifying mechanics for easier understanding. Let’s get into it!

First off, we are reworking the concept of hero scrolls. Currently hero scrolls boost the hero powers of your heroes. While this is a powerful boost, it can be confusing for players to understand how much their hero scrolls are benefitting them. As such, we’re changing hero scrolls into Clan Scrolls, a new resource. Each Clan Scroll will boost one specific bonus, such as All Gold or All Damage, and a completed set of Clan Scrolls will raise the effects of all Clan Scrolls. This will lead to Clan Scrolls giving the same overall effects as hero scrolls, but in a way that’s easier to understand for players.

As a result of this change, we’ll be migrating all hero scrolls into Clan Scrolls during the server maintenance of the 6.5 update, with the migration giving an equivalent amount of Fortune Clan Scrolls to ensure that players end up with the most possible Clan Scroll Sets from the migration. Additionally, we’ll be collecting all hero scroll rewards that players have in their inboxes, starting next week. This will help us ensure that players will only be receiving Clan Scrolls in the future. If you’d like to help with this effort, please feel free to collect any Clan Raid rewards you have saved in your inbox.

We’ll also be changing the Clan Raid panel to help display the number of Clan Scrolls that players will receive from completing a clan raid. This will help masters and grand masters be able to more visually see the benefits of completing higher level clan raids.

Speaking of clans, we are also making some changes to the Clan Directory to help players find the perfect clan for them. We’ll be adding two additional search options to the Clan Directory, that being Minimum Highest Raid Completed and Country. This will help make it easier to find clans of the power level or nationality of your choice when searching!

We’ll also be changing the Clan Search visuals to help more clearly display the Highest Raid Completed value to help show how powerful your clans are in the directory.

Lastly, we are making some improvements to how certain events previously tied to your max stage will happen. Currently things like being able to prestige, being able to receive event currency from prestiges, and your Max Silent March stage are tied to your max stage. We will be making changes to this to start tying these to the difference between your Starting Stage after a prestige and your Max Stage. This will help ensure that all these features can properly scale as players increase their max stage, whether they are new players or players pushing hard in Transcendence. Overall, this will affect Max Silent March, Prestiges, Event Currency from Prestiges, Relic Boosters, Memento Boosters, Resetting Skill Tree, Salvaging, and Diamond Fairies.

As part of this change, we’ll also be modifying the Prestige Panel to allow it to be viewable below your minimum prestige stage. This will help players be able to see when they can prestige and when they can unlock their other prestige rewards.

Thank you all for reading! We’ll continue to explore the 6.5 update next week, including some major changes to cosmetics and additional Abyssal Tournament quality of life improvements.

Happy Tapping!


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