DevUpdate #106: Bending Blue People

November 17, 2023

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Today we’ll be exploring the 6.5 update and the features to come. Let’s get into it!

To start off, we are making changes to the avatar system. We are adding in ways to help make it easier to find your desired avatars and to get new types of avatars. To begin, we are adding avatar collections, which help group up similar avatars. This will display as an avatar with a “…” underneath, and tapping it will open the collection and show all your avatars within. Now you can have all your firestone avatars in one place rather than cluttering up the avatars screen!

Additionally, we are adding incremental avatars. These are avatars that have a number on them, and will increment as you do the action associated with these avatars. For example, we are modifying the Undisputed Tournament Win avatar to be incremental, so now it will display your total number of undisputed tournament wins. The more you win, the bigger the number gets!

Lastly, we are adding in new avatar achievements to the avatar panel, which will help players collect new avatars when they complete the achievements. These will be viewable directly in the avatar panel, and completing an achievement unlocks the corresponding avatar. We currently will be adding in Stage Progression, Milestone Progression, Undisputed Tournament Win, Solo Raid Top Leaderboard, and Solo Raid World achievements. You’ll be able to see the next available avatar greyed out as you work towards it.

Next up, we’re introducing a new Legendary equipment set, the Sentinel Hornblower. This equipment set will increase a player’s Clan Ship Damage, and also additionally increase the attack rate of the clan mate summoned by the Coordinated Offensive skill. This will help Clan Ship players deal more damage and defeat titans faster than before!

As for Abyssal Tournaments, we are expanding one of our existing quality-of-life features. Previously we added bulk artifact discovery for Abyssal Tournaments, and with the 6.5 update, it will now also be possible to do bulk artifact enchantment discovery. This will work the same way as bulk artifact discovery where it will purchase one fewer enchantments than you can afford at once, and with a skippable animation when it bulk discovers.

Thank you for reading! Next week we’ll continue to look into what 6.5 has in store for us, including some Lightning Strike improvements.

Happy Tapping!


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