DevUpdate #62: Everyone’s Favorite Reset

January 7, 2022

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Last week we discussed some of the new features coming in the 5.13 update, including some quality-of-life features and clan stickers. This week, we’ll be continuing that with some additional quality-of-life features, and some new additions help spice up play.

In previous updates, we tested out the 100% off Skill Tree reset discounts and they were a massive success. Players enjoyed being able to reset their skill tree without spending diamonds and experimenting, and we want to make changes to help make skill tree changes more accessible. Enter the new feature: Skill Tree Reset Tokens. Skill Tree Reset Tokens are a new currency that will be added in the 5.13 update that can be used to reset your skill tree for free. Players will be able to receive these through places such as the Daily Login Rewards, Milestone Rewards, and Announcements in your inbox.

The existence of the Skill Tree Reset Tokens will not take away the Skill Reset discount promotions that we offer with updates, so you can continue to enjoy cheaper resets with new patches even if you’ve already used all your free resets with your Skill Tree Reset Tokens.

Alongside the skill tree reset tokens, we’ll have some additional quality-of-life features in the works.

First off, the Options panel needs a bit of an overhaul as it has not been changed other than adding new buttons since the game’s initial release. We’ll be changing the Options panel to have clear categories and reorganize the options within those categories to help find the specific feature you want faster.

Secondly, we’ll be tweaking the Clan Raid panel to combine both the Show Health and Titan Targeting buttons into one. Now both will be tied to the same button and enabled by default. This should help streamline your raiding experience a bit more!

Lastly, we’ll be extending the multi-cast time for Heavenly Strike before your multi-cast stacks will reset. This will allow players to have more freedom to level up their heroes or otherwise play without tapping on the Heavenly Strike button, but it will not impact your speed when activating Heavenly Strike. You will still be able to queue up and use your attacks the same as before.

That’s all for this week, but we’ll have more exciting news next week. Have a great time, and let us know if you have any other quality of life suggestions you’d like to see in the game!

Happy Tapping!


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