DevUpdate #63: Growth of the Sprout

January 14, 2022

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Before we get into the DevUpdate fully, I’d first like to congratulate everyone on the successful completion of the Global Raid. We succeeded in driving away Maruk due to all the cooperation and effort put into your attacks! It looks like Maruk will be back in the future, but we’ll continue to develop our abilities to fight back when that time comes.

Now, on with the DevUpdate! Last week we discussed the new Skill Tree Reset Tokens coming, and this week I’ll be discussing one of the new features that’ll make you want to use those tokens! One of the themes of our recent updates has been centered around titans, and today we’ll be introducing a new titan to you all. Say hello to Sprout!


Sprout is a new special non-boss titan that is incredibly sturdy, and will only appear at higher stages. When you defeat a Sprout, you will gain a permanent All Damage bonus that will last until you prestige. This effect can stack up multiple times, making it very useful to seek out and defeat Sprout titans to help maximize the bonus and progress onwards.


To help do this, we are adding a new skill to the Alchemist skill tree: Sprouting Salts. Sprouting Salts will be a new tier 4 skill building out of the Love Potion skill, and will be focused around maximizing the effectiveness of Sprout’s bonuses. Sprouting Salts will increase the All Damage bonus that Sprout gives you, raises the maximum number of Sprout boosts that you can have active at one time, and will increase the chance of Sprout spawning. Sprout will be unable to spawn without investing in the Sprouting Salts skill, so the more Sprouting Salts you have, the higher the odds of seeing Sprout!


That’s not all we have planned! 5.13 will have the new Golem Gear legendary set, which will help give a new effect to improve the sturdiness of the Sword Master and their effects. Completing the set will give an Alchemist Boost bonus, increasing your All Gold and Gold Gun Damage. However, the special ability comes from the Sprout Spell Duration Boost, which increases the duration of all active spells when you defeat a Sprout titan. This will help keep your spells active and keep your progression smooth.

In addition to new titans, we are also going to be adding new features to Abyssal Tournaments. More specifically, we are adding a new Abyssal Tournament type called Metabolic Growth, or as we affectionately call it internally, “fairies galore”. In the new Metabolic Growth tournament, players will have a drastically reduced Fairy Cooldown, very high base Fairy Spawn Chance, and a large boost to Fairy Gold. With the use of the Fairy Charm skill, players will be able to reach zero seconds of cooldown between waves of fairies, which means that you can get tons of fairy gold, free spell activations, and more.

Heavenly Strike will be one of the central builds used in this Abyssal Tournament. The tournament will also have increased Twilight Fairy Spawn Chance and Twilight Fairy Splash Count, making your Twilight Fairies endlessly pour in and help you rush through stages. Players will also start with the Fairy King legendary set to help keep the Twilight Fairies coming!

Gold Gun is the other primary build used in this Abyssal Tournament. With all of these fairies coming on-screen, it will be possible to permanently maintain your Magnum Opus mode, allowing you to quickly fly through stages. In addition, the tournament will further increase your Magnum Opus Splash Count, leading to far greater speeds than ever before. You’ll be gaining so much gold, you can even level up your heroes while in Magnum Opus mode!

That’s all for this week, but we’ve got plenty of other changes coming for 5.13. Let us know if you’re excited for these new changes!

Happy Tapping!


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