DevUpdate #87: What’s In A Name?

February 24, 2023

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. This week we’re starting to delve into the 5.27.0 update and look at the new upcoming features in that update. 5.26 had a lot of work around the skill tree and cards, and 5.27 will continue work on the skill tree alongside some nice quality of life changes requested by the community. Let’s get into it!

To start, we are making large back-end changes to our Clan system. While this may not be immediately noticeable in-game, it’ll allow us to make some changes that were previously impossible with the old system, as well as streamline any future development involving clans. We plan on doing these sort of changes to other systems in other future updates as well to help modernize our code base a bit more and allow for faster development of features in the future touching these old systems.

Now, all of that is to say that we have now made changes that will allow clans to change their clan name, which was previously impossible to do. Only Grand Masters will be able to change a clan’s name, and clan names must still be unique and not taken by another clan that already exists. Additionally, we’ll have a limit of 90 days between clan name changes and a small diamond fee. We hope that clans that have passed from one Grand Master to another will now be able to change their name to something that more directly identifies the current state of the clan.

In addition to this, we’ve had requests from our raiding community to make it easier to track what parts are being attacked, especially with Affliction raid cards. To track this, we are adding a new Show Affliction Stack option, which players will be able to use to display the number of active stacks of each Affliction on a given Titan Lord’s parts. This will make it easier to use cards like Grim Shadow that rely on knowing how many stacks you have active on each part.

Lastly, we are adding new Tooltips into the game to help explain various resources in the game. While these may not directly impact our existing players, we expect that these will help new players learn what each resource does and how it benefits them.

Thank you all for reading! Be sure to check back next week when we discuss the changes to the skill tree, as well as new improvements to perks.

Happy Tapping!


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