DevUpdate #88: Au-Some Ammunition

March 3, 2023

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Last week we started delving into the 5.27.0 update. Today we’ll continue to look into some of the new changes being made. Let’s get into it!

To start, we’ll go to the skill tree. We’ll be introducing a new Tier 5 skill into the Alchemist skill tree to help improve the speed of Gold Gun builds. Explosives Expert will be that new skill, and it will also unlock a new spell called Golden Missile. We’ll first look at the Golden Missile spell. Golden Missile is an alchemical rocket that is fired when you activate the spell, dealing a large amount of damage and splashing through many stages similarly to other spells like Heavenly Strike. However, it won’t just have a normal cooldown, but will need to be charged up by firing your Gold Gun and Magnum Opus. As an added bonus, activating the Golden Missile spell will also give you some Magnum Opus charge to help you continue to use Magnum Opus. Most often, Golden Missile will be best used after you complete a full use of your Magnum Opus, as then you can activate Golden Missile to defeat titans and collect gold to continue progressing forward.

Now, Explosives Expert is a skill all about increasing the effectiveness of the Golden Missile spell. Leveling it up will decrease the number of Gold Gun attacks required to charge up your Golden Missile, as well as increasing your Golden Missile splash skip and Golden Missile splash count to allow you to skip through more stages when you fire the missile off.

Golden Missile’s damage will scale the same way as your Gold Gun, but with an additional bonus based on the spell’s level. Depending on your exact spell level, it should be equal or a bit stronger than your Magnum Opus attacks, which would allow you to defeat titans even when Magnum Opus is not active.

Overall, we hope that this adds new depth to the Gold Gun build and offers more speed to the build, especially when near your max stage.

In addition to adding to the skill tree, we are also releasing a new Legendary equipment set. Meet the Draconic Doombringer, our first perk themed legendary set. Draconic Doombringer will increase the effectiveness of the Doom perk by raising your Doom damage, allowing for more pushing power when you have the Doom perk active. Additionally, it’ll give an extra bonus to your Deadly Strike Damage anytime.

Finally, we are also adding in a new Event equipment to correspond with the return of the Tavern event. The Tavern Dancer set will increase your Dagger damage and will be earned during the Tavern event.

Hope you all are excited for the update! Next week we’ll look at some of the remaining changes coming in 5.27, including what’s coming in the Tavern event.

Happy Tapping!


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