DevUpdate #91: Mighty Morphin’ Brewers

April 21, 2023

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. With the 5.28 update behind us, we can spring ahead to look into the next update. We have some big things planned, including changes built off of what was started in the 5.28 update. Let’s get into it!

With the 5.28 update, we started an equipment code cleanup that will help optimize and rework our equipment code to make it run smoother and be easier to modify. This work will be completed in the next update, and this will also allow for us to add in new features that were previously impossible with the old equipment system. As such, we are introducing a new way of handling equipment transmorphs.

Equipment Transmorphs were previously handled by selecting an appearance for each individual equipment. Now, players will be able to select Equipment Transmorphs on their Player Profile, and that transmorph will be applied to all equipment of that type. We will also be updating the Transmorph display so you can see what your Sword Master will look like with the transmorph applied, allowing for easier customization than before.

These code reworks will continue to show their worth in future updates as we continue to release new features related to them. The 5.29 update will have some additional code reworks that will be happening in the back end, mostly related to the rewarding of resources to players such as relics or skill points. This work will help us deliver faster updates in the future to these systems, as well as help the game run more smoothly when being run.

In addition to the equipment reworks, we are also having a return of the Alchemy Lab event. The community has given us a lot of feedback surrounding Alchemy Lab, and we worked to implement many of those suggestions to help improve Alchemy Lab for the future.

First off, the Alchemy Lab event will have new Event Achievements based on the number of ingredients you have discovered, the number of recipes you have discovered, and the total number of brews that you have completed. Completing these Event Achievements will give additional rewards, and each Event Achievement has multiple tiers to complete. To note, it won’t be necessary to discover all recipes or ingredients to complete these achievements, so you will still be able to focus in on the recipes that matter the most to you.

Next up, we’re implementing a new skip option when brewing Alchemy recipes that you have already discovered. This will make it much faster when you need to quickly brew up some ingredients or if you are focusing on a specific recipe for the rewards.

Thirdly, we are implementing additional ingredients and recipes to discover. You’ll see some familiar ingredients, but also many new ones and new rewards for combining them together.

Lastly, we are adding in some additional notifications to help remind people when the event will end and to use up your ingredients. There will be a 48-hour timer on the main game HUD counting down to the end of the event, as well as local notifications to help notify you when the event is ending for those who have notifications enabled.

In addition to adding new notifications to events, we are also adding them in a few more places. There will now be new notifications for Bear Shop Resets and Dust Shop Resets to help know when you can come to purchase new things from the shop. These will be disabled by default, and can be opted into in your Options panel.

I hope that everyone is excited for the changes we’ve announced! Next week we’ll take a closer look at what’s coming with the new Master Tier raid season, as well as something special for your Hero Weapons and equipment.

Happy Tapping!


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