DevUpdate #92: Bubble Bubble Bubble

April 28, 2023

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Last week we discussed 5.29 and the changes coming to the equipment and Alchemy Lab events. This week we’ll be looking ahead to other features coming in 5.29, as well as discussing what raid changes will be coming in the next Master Tier season. Let’s get into it!

In the 5.29 update, we are completing an equipment code rework that will allow us to implement new features that were previously not possible prior to these reworks. The new legendary equipment set being released in the 5.29 update is another example of this: the Fortunate Weaponmaster set. Fortunate Weaponmaster will be the first set that can boost your Equipment Secondary bonuses by boosting the power of your Equipment Secondaries that give additional damage. This will make your higher rarity Swords and Helmets more powerful than before! Additionally, Fortunate Weaponmaster will increase your All Damage for each Hero Weapon you own. You may notice that your Sword Master may be borrowing power from some heroes in particular if you look closely at what your Sword Master is wearing!

The next changes we’ll discuss are related to raiding and Master Tier season 4. These changes will not go live until after the current Master Tier season ends on May 19th and around when the new season starts on May 21st.  

First off, we are updating the Raid XP gained by leveling up your Raid Cards. The Raid XP will be increased by quite a bit to help give more power to players who spread out their dust to help level up all cards rather than solely the cards used in their clan raids. Raid HP will be appropriately scaled in Clan Raids and Solo Raids to help account for this increase in power, and we will also be increasing the maximum possible Raid Level to help account for this influx of Raid XP.

Secondly, we are making changes related to the Enemy Bonus debuffs. We are removing the Affliction Chance, Affliction Damage, Affliction Duration, Burst Chance, and Burst Damage debuffs from titans in tier 3 Clan Raids and Solo Raids to help standardize them with Tier 4 and Master Tier clan raids. All Enemy Bonus debuffs will now only affect the HP of a given Titan Lord.

Thirdly, we are changing how Fast Completion bonuses are handled in Master Tier. With the reworked Fast Completion bonuses, clans who are able to very quickly clear raids in 1-2 cycles will be progressing faster than before, whereas clans who are completing raids in 3-5 cycles will have slightly slower progression. The goal of this is to help get clans more quickly into the raids where they will find them challenging, while also not progressing too quickly into raids that take too many cycles.

Next up, we are changing the ratio of Hero Scrolls and Fortune Scrolls in Clan Raid rewards. Players will now earn more Fortune Scrolls than before, although overall the number of scrolls earned by completing a specific Clan Raid will remain the same.

Lastly, we are adding a couple new raid cards into the game to help fulfill niches not previously met by other raid cards. As we released two Burst cards the last time we added new cards, we will be releasing an Affliction card and a Support card this time.

Corrosive Bubbles is a new Tier 1 Affliction card. Tapping on a part will apply a stack of Corrosive Bubbles, damaging the afflicted part over time. Additionally, applying a stack of Corrosive Bubbles will reset the duration of all Corrosive Bubble stacks on that part, similar to how the Acid Drench card works. However, once you reach the maximum affliction stacks on a given part, the bubble will pop, dealing a large amount of damage to that part and removing all Corrosive Bubble stacks. This allows for you to use Corrosive Bubbles on a single part if you want to get those big pops of damage, but cycling between multiple parts and refreshing the Affliction Duration will help you get as much Affliction Damage as possible before you pop the bubble.

Astral Echo is a new Tier 2 Support card. It will increase All Raid Damage, allowing for fully flexible raid attacks when using Astral Echo. Additionally, every few taps, you will get a bonus tap on any part you have already tapped this attack. This bonus tap can still activate your raid cards, although with a reduced chance to activate. The bonus tap will always count as a full tap for cards like Cosmic Haymaker and Celestial Static that do not have a chance to activate.

We hope that you are excited with all the new features! Your feedback is very important to us, so please send us any feedback on these changes or what else you’d like to see changed in the game going forward.

Happy Tapping!


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