TT2 DevLog #3: Clan Masters ⚔

April 28, 2017

Originally posted on the official Tap Titans 2 subreddit.

April showers bring May flowers, blog news and and a game update! 🌸

As we approach the release for the 1.4.0 update, we thought it’s only natural for the next DevLog! We are glad to hear that these updates have been helpful for the TT2 reddit community – your feedback helps us shape where we should go next in the Tap Titans journey. So fyi: You can expect these updates to be posted bi-weekly on Fridays,and if any urgent news or announcements are needed in between, we will post accordingly.

Also, the GH team is working with the subreddit mods to start monthly Question & Answer threads, where you can ask the development team all of the questions that have been on your mind. This will be your chance to speak out! Here’s how the monthly Q&As will work:

  • Either the subreddit moderators or a GH dev. will create a thread on the first Monday of every month, where you can ask your question. At the end of the week, a new thread will be created with the answers from the dev. team
  • We anticipate that there will be many questions and want to get to all of them! To ensure that the most frequently asked and pressing questions from the overall player-base are addressed, please upvote the questions you want answered asap. The top 5-10 questions will be answered in Friday’s thread.

This being announced, the first Q&A will be starting up next week! You can expect the question thread to be live on Monday, May 1st, and the answer thread to be up on Friday, May 5th.

Other than the Q&As, you can also expect a new update (1.4.0) with some much-anticipated features that have been requested. This update will be live next week:

Inactive Grand Masters!

As mentioned in the previous update threads, we’ve heard about the inconvenience of inactive Grand Masters. To help better manage clans facing this problem, we’ve added a new “Master” position in clans! This revamped Master role will have the same powers as a Grand Master and can change all clan options. The only administrative power the Master will not have is the power to demote or kick the Grand Master – the Grand Master remains the only player to demote and kick members of all ranks. All current Masters will be renamed “Captain.”

With update 1.4.0, any clan that has an inactive Grand Master will have their most active member auto-promoted into the Master role, to help bring your clan back to life!

  • Clan ranks after update 1.4.0: Grand Master > Master > Captain > Knight > Recruit

Tournament Update!

Tournament brackets/tiers have been optimized and updated. There now three types of tournaments with different prize categories. These tournament types will alternate at each new tournament. The prizes for each category will be of higher value as your rank within the tier of the tournament is higher. The categories with this new update are as follows:

  • Skill Points + Perks & Diamonds + Titan Points
  • Equipment + Pets & Diamonds + Titan Points
  • Weapons + Premium Weapons & Diamonds + Titan Points

PS: You may have also noticed that we’ve introduced Titan Points as tournament rewards! These are rewarded based on the rank tier you finish. You will be able to see yours and other players’ Titan Points gained from the tournaments on the player profile panel!

Stage Transitions!

We’ve optimized stage transitions for late-game players, as we understand that it was an inconvenience for those users who tap through the stages quite quickly.

If your max stage is over 2000 and you have prestiged, an option to limit stage transitions will appear in your options panel in-game. With this option activated, you will remain on your current theme as long as the bar on the stage icon is visible. Once the bar runs out, you will transition into the next theme (i.e. stage background). With this option, there will be a limited number of transitions experienced during your late gameplay!

Announcement Prizes!

With the new announcements panel, the GH team will be gifting diamonds, tokens… (and more!) to help give you a small boost 🙂

Coming soon: Max Stage Expansion!

We are looking to increase the stage cap from 3500 to 4000 sometime very soon. Our team is working on further game expansion (>4000), but for now, wanted to release the next 500 stages. However, we do assure you that more is coming! We’re working out game-balancing and formulae, to ensure that the future expansion will roll out as planned.

1.4.0 Bug Fixes!

We’ve been hunting to crush some pesky bugs!

  • Prestige Crashing at prestige (sent back to stage 1)
  • Bolded Fonts in certain game translations/localization
  • Crashing at Transmorph

Bugs Noted

These are the bugs that we are actively investigating for immediate resolve. If we have missed anything, post down below so that we can look into it!

  • Boss fights stopping on occasion/manually clicking to fight the bosses
  • Silent March – buggy behaviour
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