TT2 DevLog #2: Springing Into 1.3.1 ⚔

April 14, 2017

Originally posted on the official Tap Titans 2 subreddit.

As we move into the new month and season, we’re springing into exciting new updates and features, that we can’t wait to show you (bad puns and all). As always, we’re continuously reading your comments, threads and suggestions, taking everything into careful consideration, and seeing what we can do to improve your game experience now, and what we can plan for in the near (and long-term) future.

Firstly, we understand that with the latest 1.3.1 update, there were and are crashing issues.

  • Some Android users are experiencing game crashes when trying to access the new announcement panel (i.e. the envelope icon on the top-left of your main game page). This has been debugged for the next update.
  • Game unable to load: Depending on what version your Android device is at, there is a game loading issue that players are experiencing. Some tappers were able to resolve this by changing their devices’ default storage from ‘SD card’ to phone memory, and then reinstalling. However this is not a solution for all devices experiencing this problem — We assure you that this loading bug is currently a top and urgent issue that the dev. team is working on resolving ASAP.

With the 1.3.1 update, the daily rewards schedule was also revised for the implementation of exciting Mystery Chests + Token System — These Titan Tokens are now the new rewards for Day 6 and 14. Furthermore, we understand that some iOS users in the 1.3.0 update experienced some confusion because the daily rewards icon remained on the main game page even after claiming the day’s prize, making it appear as though tappers could not claim the next day’s prize (but in actuality, the allotted 24 hours was not yet finished). The quick fix for this was made in the iOS 1.3.1 update and we are sorry for the confusion and buzz this caused!

And for those who sometimes play in other languages than English, your text may appear to be bolded and hard on the eyes with the latest update. We’ve identified this problem and it has been resolved the for the next update. We apologize to you and your eyes about this!

IT’S COMING! We’ve received a lot of feedback on inactive Grand Masters, and understand how frustrating this could be when you’re in a clan with seriously awesome clanmates, but a leader who’s been MIA for the past month! An update implementing optimized clan management and administration is coming soon, so active clans with inactive Grand Masters can take hold of their group’s fullest potential once again.

Stage transition animations. We know it’s been an inconvenience for late-game players who tap through stages quite quickly, so we have optimized this for the next game update.

Max Stage Cap. will be in a future update. This is also one of our top priorities, as we understand that more players are approaching stage 3500. Our team is working away on reviewing game balancing for the future expansion. We really appreciate your patience on this in the meantime.


The following bugs have been brought to our attention with the latest update, and our team is investigating. Check our first thread, for other bugs that have been addressed and we are looking into.

Prestige Crashing: We’ve been notified that some players are experiencing crashes at prestige, whether in tournament or not, where they are set back to stage 1.


We know we mentioned this before, but it couldn’t hurt to mention it again! A BIG congratulations to the T2 Reddit Clan for finishing a whopping 500 clan quests. We celebrated just as much as you did and are seriously impressed by your dedication to squashing the nasty Titan Lord! How many other clans are closely following this number? Is yours?!

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