TT2 Update #1: Introducing DevLogs

April 3, 2017

Hello heroes!

Originally posted on the official Tap Titans 2 subreddit.

We’ve heard your feedback and would firstly like to thank you for all your comments, suggestions and bug reports you have been giving us. Your dedication to the game, continuous support and feedback are very appreciated! Secondly, we would like to announce that, moving forward, we will be creating bi-weekly posts with the latest updates. These reports will consist of the status of issues being de-bugged, information on recent common questions, details on each new game updates… and possibly hints on fun events to come!

If there are any further issues that you would like to address that you think we’ve missed in these update threads, feel free to let us know in each thread. We’d be more than happy to assist! These blogs will help keep us all on the same page – an initiative we could all appreciate!

With that being said, we hope you’re excited for the fixes and features to come in update 1.3.0, currently undergoing review by the App Store and will be released once finalized.

UPDATE 1.3.0

Inbox System!

Introducing the new inbox system! With this new system, clan Grandmasters will be able to write clan-wide announcements. Additionally, this allows the Game Hive team to announce cool new things in the game in real-time. To celebrate the launch of this feature, we are sending everyone 25 diamonds after viewing the launch announcement panel! Happy tapping!

Titan Tokens!

Starting from this update, we are introducing Titan Tokens! These tokens will unlock a variety of new things and will be earned through Daily Rewards and possible more avenues to come!

With update 1.3.0, Titan Tokens allow players to purchase chests – Imagine all the extra loot you’ll be getting from them (Hurry up and earn more Titan Tokens!).

Bug Fixes!

  • Achievements Panel: The stars for the relic counts fixed
  • Equipment Bug: Daily reward equipments and equipment drops from the bosses has been fixed
  • Clan Quest Tap Damage Discrepancy Bug fixed

COMING SOON/We’re working on it!

Stage Transitions

We’ve heard you and understand that the stage transition animations have hindered your game experience. It’s nearing completion and will soon be released!

Stage Cap

This expansion is currently is one of our top priorities and is already nearing completion, but complex systems as such require more testing and time. Rest assured we are working away on this!


We have noted that some players have not been able to access tournaments. This is a server issue that our development team is working on resolving as soon as possible. Those players who have submitted support tickets regarding this have their support codes noted and we are investigating.

Game Crashes

There are many players on iOS devices that have reported the game crashing during the Hand of Midas and Clan Quests. The devs. are looking into device compatibility and apologize for the setback this has been causing.

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